Monday, October 31, 2011

Trying to understand the basics of life.....

Actually, after reading Ecclesiastes (that is how the spell checker spells it, though I wonder) I have to agree with The Preacher, the basics of life are mere vanities. If we follow the guide, we should be alright at the end of the trip but how many of us travel that way? Most of the time we get off the course we set out on and BAM, we wind up somewhere unexpected. As The Hub used to say, and I quote "Oh Very Well."  (that would be Senior Chief Hubble, for the uninitiated)

For example, I joined the Navy in '71 planning to do 6 years and getting out and working for one of the oil companies as an electronics ( radio ) tech. Would have doubled my salary but would have never made a trip to Okinawa, Iceland, Spain or Sicily, not to mention Israel, Italy, or the south of France. Nor would I have seen any of the "Spanish Riviera." Such is life, 22 years later. 

Mind, traveling on the government nickle is ok, but you wind up with lovely things like "Shore Patrol" or flight deck duty { if you have never been there, you really can't imagine. The Discovery Channel has a couple of shows on carrier duty, but they can't put the taste of burning jet fuel in your nose and noise that is greater than a Grateful Dead concert. And they don't really cover liberty launches and 12 on / 12 off 7 days a week. } I'll have to warm up the old scanners and select a few pics. More later as it is now bedtime.....  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First round down and one to go.

Long night that started early this morning. I'm not sure where things go from here but as long as I can make a left turn at Albuquerque it will be alright. More long tomorrow. Truly Sueliemani, it is vanity.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Politics. Multimouthed bloodsucking parasites aka congress

I am really tired of the calls. Mostly the ones from computers. A genuine person on the other end of the call doesn't bother me quite as much and I will be civil to them. I'll give their candidate some consideration but I will vote my own mind. The negative ads just bug me and tend to make me seek someone else to vote for, and if you have to point a finger, there are three of them pointing back at you. I would rather hear intelligence in your discussion over decibels of shouts. If you must scream, you do not represent me.

Personally I think Bobby Boy is running for pres. I think Billy Bob is not truthful enough and Jay Bird just isn't the best man for the job, but once again our choices are limited. So I will ask God for help and do my best to hear the Spirit in the morning and vote, not for the candidate with the most attack adds but for the candidate I think will do the least damage.

And that is really sad.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Things are getting bad......

when you come inside and your electronic thermometer tells you it is 82.3 f  and you were sure it was at least 95 out there. I just do not like the aftereffects of drugs, including antibiotics. Of course some of the aftereffects of home remedies are just as pronounced, but there you have it. Just stripped down a pair of computers and found that they were P II's. Did not realize that beforehand, but there again you have it. Now to zap a couple of 40 giggers and see what comes next. I saw where Ruby has begun a change in versions now. I guess W8 should be mumbled about shortly along with other primary system upgrades. Should we push the government to track down and just shoot the virus makers and idiot hackers, maybe string up the script-kiddies? No, I do not trust the government either. Kinda like asking Beelzebub to swat flies. (I wonder how many sci-fi readers will catch that?? If you did, remind me who wrote it as I am swimming upstream in a senior moment.)  I wonder when Apple is going to come out with Sabre Tooth (or whatever feline they think of next.) I have lost track of  Ubuntu's system names. Natty Narwhal was the last (I think) and it is running smoothly for me as I tend to update daily or whenever I bring the system up. I have to say that W7 has been doing ok so far, but as with NN I tend to update frequently and have not experienced a bad update like I had with XP one time.  Most of my W machines are still running XP quite adequately as W7 is on only 3 machines and it is likely to remain that way. Come 14 (if 12 is not the end of the world and Christ does not come) I will remove the all of the XP machines from the net and enjoy a total lack of concern about hackers, worms, viruses and governments spying on me. Maybe I will get around to that novel I thought about years ago.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dear Mr. Polleetikciun

Dear Mr. Polleetikciun
    This is Louisiana and you are running for office. I don't care what the other guy has done that was wrong. What are you going to do that would make it right. You are in the state of "Vote for the crook, it's important!" so I really don't care who voted for a raise , but are you going to revoke it?? Didn't think so. How about are you going submit a plan that puts all legislature members under a regular health plan like the rest of us? Didn't think so. So why should I give a flatulent response about how bad the other guy is?  If you have the nerve to be a positive innovator I will vote for you. If you have the guts to do what is right, show me. I don't care if it is governor, Lt. governor or chief dog catcher of Bug Tussle if it is my vote you want, try telling the truth about what you plan to do in office. If you don't have a plan, go home.