Saturday, September 04, 2010

Bye Bye Love

Sometimes that is the way it feels when one we love passes on. Mrs. Billie Marie was a school teacher at heart and it was something I detected from the start. She wasn't tall or large. But she had that "Mother's presence" coupled with "teacher" that let you know without words that you had best behave. Even after retiring several times, you still felt the teacher in her and you paid attention when she talked. Her funeral was today and those who know me know I am not overly fond of pomp and circumstance, but in her case it fit. She always impressed me as someone with dignity and certainty of self that many people just don't have and don't get. I have over the years met many people of distinction including Navy Admirals on down, but few of them make as strong an impression as Mrs. Billie did. I have know heroes who have risked their lives to rescue those in danger, doctors who have used a knife to save lives, and dedicated people who have truly cared about those in need, but none of them exceed the teachers who really care about those who are under their care. No pilot, rescue swimmer, doctor, nurse, minister, or even teacher has ever reached the highest level of performance without first being taught "how to " by a teacher who cared. In the end, all we can really do is say a heart felt truly understanding and meaningful "Thank You" for being part of our lives. So from all of your students, colleagues, and friends I say Thank You for being there. You are truly loved and your memory and legacy lives on. (and to all you English teachers out there, I was a "C" student so don't be too critical of sentence structure and syntax. I'm not good at it now and never was overly efficient in word selection and usage.)

Ya'll have a nice day now, you hear!