Sunday, March 24, 2024

Pink Floyd had it right. Time does fly..

 I know most people will disagree, but for me when it comes to Pink Floyd their best album was Meddle. Dark Side was the best engineered but number 2 for me. Wish would be #3 Wall and earlier stuff have good songs but not better overall. I will give Comfortably Numb props but the album doesn't give me the emotional range of their best. 

As for music today, eh! I guess you must think of me as olde. Fortunately I am not overly concerned. I have a lot of old stuff, including radio broadcast, that I can listen to anytime I like.  I've converted much of my tape collection to mp3 and can now have free flowing music for better than a week, probably closer to a month. I'm not positive but I think I have at least a week of Grateful Dead alone. 

Today's artist, Toby Mac is one. My Love listens to Muscadine Bloodline a lot and I find them to be as good as anyone out there. My biggest problem I suppose is that I prefer lyrics to be composed of something besides what I call "gutter talk". If you can't compose without what used to be called "cuss words", expletives, dirty language, whatever you want to call abbreviated expressions, then don't.  Reminds me of a Doonesbury cartoon where the moon is described by one person who has a way with words and a Califoniaese speaker says "Oh wow. Lookit the moon." But I digress:

Sometimes I really would like to get in my space of music place and let the amplifiers roar.