Tuesday, September 15, 2020



I have no idea who this is or where it is.

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Finally! I found a new post button.

 Why Georgia? Why not Mississippi? Who decides on font names? Random questions that arise in my mind at times. What ever happened to imagination in advertising? Most of the ads on tv are appallingly moronic except for State Farm and some of the Gieco. Maybe a couple of others aren't too awful. Talking toenails? Talking feet? Where did Speedy go? Does anyone call Roto-Rooter anymore? 

Pretty much sums up the country now. No imagination, no God, no respect for each other or self. At least, so it seems if you listen to the tube. Fact of the matter is I don't care about your colour, race or religion or your way of life. It does matter to God, though and if you need to talk about that I am good with that. Be happy to talk about Jesus, salvation, holy living and all that stuff. As far as I am concerned, as Jerry once sang "Are you kind?" Deadheads can translate that for you if you don't understand. Of course, you may have trouble with their explanation too. Some of them may have fried their minds as they aged. Notice I didn't say grew up. Still haven't myself and have no plans to do that to myself. Have many years of experience behind me but I try to keep that youthful wide eyed vision of life that allows us to appreciate the wonder that God put into the world when He built it.

Can you tell that sometimes my mind scatters to the four winds? Yes, sometimes I am all over the map, so to speak. Parallel processing is nothing new, wasn't new in the 60's either. I do a lot of math in my head, not the regular (real) math. Not the this is that so do something else with your best guess. Vector, tangents, cotangents, sine, cosine, all is buried somewhere deep in the grey matter and process in the background. Speeds both relative and actual combine with mass and momentum continuously while driving cars, trucks, or mowers. Yup, all in the mind, and I don't mind a bit. 

What I do mind is when people take advantage of others, especially on purpose. Don't lie to me. I do not appreciate it. It will cause me to not take you seriously in anything. Those who are rioting are generating negativity and the disregard for other peoples property, way of making a living, and total disregard for the rights of others show that you do not have a higher calling, but a baser one. You become servants of the lost one. Word of warning, you may very well wind up with justice, indeed. Such is the promise of The Living, Loving, Truthful, All-powerful, and Supremely Just God of creation. Everyone will give an account, some to receive justice and some to receive mercy. Guess which side I will be on. I hope you are there with me, under the blood of the sinless one, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God who is the Word of God and the greatest blessing to this degenerate world.

I am tired now. May God bless you and keep  you and Thank You God for the linemen and all those who are working through the hurricane damage and debris. Be safe people!