Friday, January 25, 2019

And then there was light

Here at The Hollow things have slowed down now that cane season is done. Winter has arrived and the temp is below 60 most days. To put it simply, I am cold. 

Not being a "scholar" of any note I don't read into the things politicians and other liars say. Since I have high blood pressure and sodium chloride tends to make blood pressure climb, I can no longer take what they say with a grain of salt because everything they say is skewed, twisted and mutilated beyond any concept of truth. Dummykrauts blame the rich kid and the rich kid blames them and the truth is America is at fault. We elected all of them and we obviously have poor taste in leadership. I just hope we don't get another Hitler in the mix and especially here in La. Tell you the truth it is almost as though many of our current batch of "leaders"  have been reading Mien Kamph and studying Karl Marx's drivel. News flash twits, check your history books a little closer, not the recently published ___*___ that is being forced down our kids intellectual throats but the ones you can observe from back when newspapers treated truth as a friend instead of the enemy. Both of those guys lost. China's communism is a slightly adjusted for of imperialism as they built a larger empire but like all top heavy governments, it will eventually collapse into re-written history. I hope our government "officials" are taking notes because we are less than 30 years from that fate ourselves. It is time for those whom are supposed to be representing us get off their collective tushes and represent. Time for both "major" parties to disestablish and for people to be given true information unfiltered through party doctrine and the "they" of censorship. Time we stopped worrying about a wall and worry about the unborn voters that are killed for convenience sake. How about you young people begin doing what us old people forgot about and self-discipline yourselves. Choose bravely to forgo the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. I have always felt adoption was the better option over killing a higher lifeform. The only time I agree with abortion is when the child poses and extremely dangerous situation to the mother and there is a very great risk of the mother dying in the process as well as the baby. What I call the right of preexistant life to continue. No child has a right to end a mother's life and I mean the physical life, not the lifestyle. There are extreme circumstances that aren't addressed here, but they are rare enough to not be addressed in this missive.  

Here at The Hollow we are just waiting for winter to get it's fill of Cajun hospitality and haul its tukas back over the Canadian border. Then we gonna see about a visit to Cocodrie.....

* Naval expression that I am trying to remove from my mental processing but DC is making it nearly impossible.↫💫↬



Tuesday, January 01, 2019

A New Year Begins

Happy New Year, Y'all

Once again the calendar goes around. Once again we have a chance to do things right. Once again I think that without a miracle from The Creator we will fumble again and not promote real peace and real love, as God has shown us. But we can if we will. Choose to make a difference and you can see His hand at work. Choose to be nice to each other and just maybe you can understand the feeling of doing what is right. Help where you can. Pray where you cannot help. Examine you motives whatever the situation and give God the glory every time.

Jus' sayin'

Cosmic Charley