Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things just keep getting stranger and stranger

Then again, things always have been strange for me. Being aware of so many things that intereact and having others not understand the obvious just bugs me. Makes me want to go back to bed and start over. But how useless that will be unless I sleep for a hundred years or so.
Chaos math is real by the way. It is a simplified understanding of the complex nature of interactive analysis and projection. Statistics are only true when ALL the variables are known, understood and applied. Even the simplest of things, think butterfly flapping wings in Brazil, interact with things that are equally simple yet the entirety of the interaction is mostly hidden. Yes, it may have caused a cyclone in India, but it also may have prevented an eruption of Vesuvius. No computer conceived by man has shown a capability of understanding or analyzing the full scope of the interactions of the universe within itself.

My real question is this: Do we rely on technology or do we rely on the technician? The politician or our self? The man or the Creator. Only One has the truth. I leave it to you to figure out who.

I already am aware.

(for The Gravy)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Possum Hollow Pundits

There is actually nothing on the Dead Pelican website about Possum Hollow. Maybe it will stay that way. But if you want to see how the politicing in La is going, give it a shot. And yes, sometimes I make up the words but you can usually gather the meaning rather quickly.

Sometimes I wonder why people think they can get away with anything. I could not when I was a kid. My kids thought they could, but seldom did they unless we just felt it was not worth the squabble. And even then they found out later that we knew and they just forgot that we knew. I grew up without an expectation of privacy (three brothers and two cousins) and I never figured I could get away with anything because Moma always knew what was going on. Daddy did too, but he would let us make the mistake then tell us. I must say that correction from Moma was expected, but when Daddy got into the correction game, it hurt inside more than outside.

Currently I'm waiting for my Valentine present. They were out so I had to order on line. Waiting for delivery is something else.

I love you world, but you are a pain in the rear at times. Closest I've ever felt to God I think.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I don't remember that being part of the plan.

I just figured out that I'M old. When did that happen? My son is over 30. 7 grandkids. More on the way?? Maybe?

Oh well. Life happens.

Chance for peace in the mid-east: Maybe the same as for Chris Collingsworth picking the winner in the super bowl thing? Nah. Nowhere near that good. Peace will come to the mid-east when there is no more atmosphere for people to breathe. Is it possible? Yes it is. Is it probable? Yes it will be some day. Will it be done by negotiation or armed conflict. Nope. Only when the second coming arrives. Till then, pray for less hostility. I think that is the best we can hope for.

Have you read Cheryl's book yet? I found it interesting to see things from a different perspective. I guess it makes a difference if you know the players, but anyone studying psychology or psychiatry could find some interesting things in it. I got the hardback version from for under $22 with shipping and all. Check her blog for a picture of Uncle Possum with his two rabbit hounds.

You know, nothing seems sillier to me than a white boy (or black one for that matter) trying to look cool(?) by "busting a sag" or whatever they call it now. It gets my vote for worst fashion(?) trend ever.

And I wore bell bottoms for years -courtesy of Uncle Sam you know.