Saturday, March 17, 2012

You may have notice

You may have notice that my blogs are more sporadic than in times past. Such is life. My health has been also. As has my former job. I am now "officially", though possibly not legally excessed and my job as an electronics tech at the USPS is gone. Of course, I have had no real job there for several months now as Alexandria is no longer an active processing site. Still the day goes by and I serve as an acting maintenance manager/maintenance clerk/ whatever it takes to get the job done. At least, for now, though this may change soon. I just don't know and as I have no experience job hunting I am clueless about what to do next. (I have had only 2 jobs my whole adult life, USN 22 yrs and USPS 18 yrs this July). I am just really glad I am not a politician.
 Bon-Doggie is watching you......