Thursday, December 27, 2007

Family News

For the most part, who cares? Only those people in the family that care about family. It get surprising sometimes though, especially when the next generation suddenly (and sometimes not so suddenly) picks up on the importance of keeping in touch with family. Me, I got more family than you could shake a stick at. Mostly blood kin one side or the other but other family, especially from church. "Mom" is doing great visiting "Sis2" and the rest up in Ohio. Brothers are all over the country. By the way Jim, send your new address and phone e-mail and whatever.

Hey Sharon, it only took the post office 9 days to get the card here. Thanks for it and ya'll come visit sometime.

The 4th is only about 6 months away. Come for a visit Gravy.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And speaking of the "present"

It's only 4 shopping days left till Beethoven's birthday.

other subtle hints may follow.....

Monday, December 10, 2007

Things past, things future things present

Today is the 10th of December and Aunt Jo was born 100 years ago. None of her siblings will live to be 100 either, but they continue to live in our hearts. Aunt Jo passed over in the 80's. It is hard for me to believe that but I am in my 50's now and over half way there myself. Then again, my son is almost a third of the way. Time flies when your have fun.

Only 6 shopping days till Beethoven's Birthday!!
Panic Now!!!!
Beat the rush.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Only 10 more shopping days till Beethoven's birthday.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Turkey should have been the national bird

Great, Great, Great,(howevermanygreat) Uncle Benjamin (Franklin that is) said we should adopt the turkey for our national bird. The Bald Eagle is known as a scavenger. Seems we should have both doesn't it. We've elected a bunch of turkeys who turned into scavengers picking the bones of our wallets. We have a lot of controversy over the "In God We Trust" logo on our money, and it seems to me Christian should be the ones asking that it be removed: this country is full of people who don't trust God but will rely on lying thieving politicians to give them their "free" money. Who in office will listen to God for wisdom? There are many who say they do, but their actions say otherwise, and actions do speak louder than words. Should we seek to throw the bums out? Only if something better is offered. Otherwise it will just be more of the same.

In La. we recently elected new faces to the state legislature. We elected a new governor as well keeping some of the "Old Guard" politicians. We'll see what happens next, but forgive me if I don't hold my breath.


Friday, October 19, 2007

New Grandbaby, long trip, no rest

Emma Shawn popped into the world just fine mostly and is doing great. Cute like her grandaddys.. All the rest are doing ok as well. Made for a nice trip but senile old men need help, and sometimes a keeper. I invariably forget something as I travel and the word light isn't in my conceptual reality. Bye Bye pillows.....

Oh well

Wal-Marts are everywhere.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time soars on wings as eagles gone fishing.

And I wish I wuz 2.

The political maelstrom continues and I may go vote early today just to get done with it. In a state where even the dead have been known to vote for years after their departure, where people who live in other states and have no intention of returning to the swamps still vote, where no one focuses on getting the job done, what do we expect. Sorry if you think less of my opinion for this, but I feel if you live in Houston and you have for over a year, you need to vote there, not here. The legislature should terminate all this outside of the state voting unless the person is a registered voter and request an absentee ballot. I'm not real sure about this early voting either, but it is coming in handy this year. The potential for abuse scares me though.


Mud is flying and the air is thick with misinformation and misleading interpretations of the facts. I think I may be in the minority, but I want plain uninterpreted data. I'll draw my own conclusions, thank you.

Wally won't get my vote because of all the negativity he generates. Bobby is on shaky ground because of his republican ties although I agree with many of his ideas and Foss wants to eliminate personal income tax I like that but puts all the eggs in one basket a-la Huey's idea. He must not have lived through the depression and doesn't study history very much. Very "Good Idea, Bad Idea" Foss.

I think everyone, rich, poor, business, retired, just plain old average to the exceptional should help pay for a smaller than we have now government. Corporate greed kills industry and government. Seeking power in order to control others and elevate yourself is a sure formula for self destruction. I am a witness to this formula and have seen the same conclusion achieved from the smallest of things to worldwide institutions.

Vote for someone. Mickey Mouse, if you see no other choice, but vote for someone. Anarchy is coming and only cooperation in controlling the government gives us the chance to stave it off.

The math still says 2043..................

Friday, August 24, 2007

What would happen if we were all the same

What would happen if we were all the same? If you were me or I were you? Would you like Bach and I like the Spice girls?

Isn't that a depressing thought.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Not the song. I'm talkin' weather. I'm old. It's what we do. get over it.

The political season is heating up again. Our elected officials continue to do what they've always done. (serve themselves, in case you forgot or haven't noticed) I'll bet if E.W.E. could run for Governor from prison, he'd get elected. The watered down tax break that passed in the legislature was vetoed by our current gov and the #@$@%$!# elected ones don't seem to want to get back together to over-ride the veto. This represents only one thing. Politicians who only want to collect benefits for themselves, and who really don't care about the people or the future. Ask yourself this; When was the last time our elected representatives considered their actions with regards to the future of the state or country? Sadly the answer is for the state never, for the country sometime prior to 1800 (the year, not 6pm). There is a call for all of the upcoming elections to not vote for anyone who has held office prior to now. Kick out the incumbents. Vote against (something I really have trouble supporting, this) those who are being forced out of the house seat or senate seat by term limits and are continuing to run for a seat in the other house. (What I mean is I have trouble voting against people. I'd rather vote FOR someone) If you are anything like me, then you know that there is no one out there who is willing to run for office that you can fully support. No one out there really represents my views on taxes, abortion, religion, education, equal opportunity, or pick your subject. I believe smaller government is better than bigger government. I know (because I can read, something I picked up in grammar school) that history backs my view as being correct. Historically the bigger the government gets, the more oppressive it gets. Look at Rome. Look at our country now. Guess what, no government created and run by man has ever lasted. Nor will it, because we cannot control ourselves adequately. Even in the land of the free we will eventually fail because of mankind's greed for power (more so than money) and the burning desire to control.

Global warming = mankind on earth. Not pollution, not greenhouse gases, not evil governments. Simply because we are here. Global warming and cooling (yes, scientist: warming and cooling are provable) will exist no matter what we do. The rate of change may vary (slightly) but both will occur until total stabilization occurs. Get over it. You and I are not that important in the process.

As far as religion goes, Islam follows a false prophet, Buddhism follows a man, and from what I can see, most who call themselves Christians don't really follow the teachings of the Christ. Read the books and you will find that most people follow what they want to believe more than what their chosen "leader/god/teacher" actually taught. Of all of the religions I have come in contact with, only one give a promise consistent with the teaching of how to live. I'll let you try to figure that out.

But enough for one night.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Time is a Blackbird (Habu) at MAch 3.5

It has been almost a month and the 4th has passed, cousin Dan was killed in an auto accident, and Harry Potter 7 has been released. Seems like we've had about four feet of rain, too. Looks like the (poo)litical hailstorm {"If you have any poo, throw it now."} is in full swing. I have a hard time accepting anyone who will allow one person to get away with untoward behavior while condemning someone else. Pot and Kettle, you know.

Anyway, get out your boots and umbrellas cause the season is upon us.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's hot out there

But not as hot as some will be one day. Think about it. Politicians are going to have a "fun" day. Jefferson having to answer why there was so much cold cash in his freezer. Edwards having to answer questions about gambling in the state. What's his face answering for the internet. (sorry, forgot his name) Anyway, you politicos had better get it together and quick. Election day isn't far away.

And what about all those voters that voted after they died??

and not just in Louisiana either............................

Friday, June 08, 2007

It's almost Saturday morning

8 am to noon. The Greaser Show.

No longer streamed (Kricket Internet cost prohibitive) and no longer simulcast but still on 92.1. I don't know who is stopping by this weekend but Louis is bound to have good music. The corn festival in Bunkie is this weekend. Be next year before you can get to it. 2nd weekend in June I think.

Ever have your ceiling fall down. Trust me, no fun.....

Hurricane season is here also. Got water? (It doesn't spoil)

Hey Kareaux!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

and on and on and on and on

Pink Floyd
Sonny and Cher (or Vanilla Fudge, if you heard the album- not available on CD)
john lennon
Jan and Dean (do you know the history here??)

The soundtrack isn't available anywhere else but the swamplands. Ya gotta visit to see.

Saturday 8-noon The Greaser show (KLIL 92.1) (free plug for Lewis)(or is it Louis) bad memory

other groups to know

John Fred and His Playboy Band
The Uniques
Cookie and the Cupcakes (yes, for real)
The Boogie Kings
The Swing Kings
GG Shin
Bo Diddly
BB King
Albert King
the list goes on and on and on.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Like the song says

Welcome, to the machine.

Seems we always find ourselves serving some mindless entity, such as the government, the job, the whatever that wants a piece of us without giving anything more than the barest minimum that they can get away with.

The beat goes on....

Aren't you glad God isn't limited by that kind of thinking. A mindful entity that gave us hope, life, the important things in life that we cannot get by without. I missed a bar b q yesterday because I had to work last night. Sometimes it's just not worth it.

All you bloodthirsty bystanders, would you to find your seat....

The time is coming and is less than 50 years away when this country will face anarchy. What will the people do? is the question of the century (not the buick). Personally I feel we'd best prepare for the worst because the hurricanes have shown us that that is what we'll get. (Sorry Houston, our problem became your problem)

No religion too.

If you believe Islam to be a religion of peace, then study your history again. It is old school Islam that is on the rise, not the modern "user friendly" version. Modern Islam is an affront to the old ways (which called for the conversion or eradication of Christians (and Buddhist, and Taoist, and Midgaard and any other religion that it encounters). Communism (whether Chinese, Russian, Cuban, or the South/Central American) will be faced with it also. When we refer to "World Peace", remember that for some it is the peace of the grave that they wish us to have.

Won't come back from deadman's curve.....

Last bit of advice for today, drive the bug, it's faster across the street than the vette and it gets better gas mileage.

ps.. can you name the songs?
see next blog

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Who are the hungry? What are they hungry for??

Sometimes you gotta wonder. What were they thinking? It seems that Dallas has made feeding the homeless illegal. I know that can't be totally true. That means no soup kitchens (helped how many people get though the depression?) No "Manna Houses" as run by Catholic Dioceses. Surely they are restricting only the unnecessary feeding of non-essential people on the street. Of course that would mean they have to define feeding and street and people and possibly even "the" again.

I have to believe George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (as well as all of the signers of the declaration) would have trouble with governments that make taking care of people illegal. Only totalitarian governments go to this level of extremity. And this is a reflection, not of the will of the people, but a perverse will of a government that is placing itself on the path of jeopardy.Look at the history of the world. How many revolutions were started by the full and content? How many by starving peasants? Do the math.... Feed the hungry, clothe the naked. Require all politician and other recipients of the public fund to be accountable for their actions and decisions.

Or let the people starve. Word of caution: what goes around comes around. You didn't hear it here first, that bit of wisdom has been quoted for millennium. And do we listen???????"??

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

John's not gonna run

How about that? A former LA politician that turned down an opportunity to get elected. (Former being the operative word) When you move to another state and register to vote there, to me you become a resident of that state and you give up your previous registration. But that is my opinion, weak as it might be so someone else. I mean, it's where you vote. Sorry if I'm so simple, but there I am, stuck in Norman going to school again. Such is life, no??

To tell you the truth, I would have considered Breaux if he had run. I don't know that I'd have voted for him for sure, but there isn't much else to consider. Jindal, maybe, Campbell, no because his idea of eliminating the personal income tax (which I do support) comes at the cost of placing the majority of the burden on a single industry (big oil) which is what got us into this mess anyway. Our tourist base isn't the size of Florida's, and we have no other means of supporting the super-sized government with which we currently are stuck. Of course, we could fire the politicians and reduce the salaries and size of the government. I doubt the support for that idea is there though, is it? But wouldn't it make more sense than burdening a single industry? Maybe so???!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

You know deep down that I am correct in my observations though, don't you?

We should also scrap the unconstitutionally generated revenue of the feds as well. Convert the IRS to a useful purpose and reduce the federal government as well. But that's me.

Monday, April 16, 2007

April Showers, Storms, Etc.

Cousins got a problem. Spring sprung but someone forgot to tell the weather. The northeast is catching a nor'easter for real. So here we are in the sunny south and it is freezing. Snow out west. Someone needs to call Al, don't you think??

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

54 - not to be confused with a studio

Birthdays come and go, usually like a freight train. And sometimes I really feel it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why do I do that??

Work the weekend, that is. The 930pm to 6am shift specifically. Now my eyes are red and burning and dry, my head hurts, my bones ache and I can't find my socks. (family joke, I think).
Anyway things are warming up around here as the nighttime lows are now in the 60's and the rains are holding off. (That last part isn't good though) I'm watching episode 6 at the moment and it doesn't help that some things make me more emotional than I like to be. Oh well, just a few more tears that I can easily shed as "good" overcomes "evil" in the story. I have always been amazed that neither side of the force accepted the truth and ran with it. I suppose it wouldn't make for good theatre. (ergo profits). The follies of man............................

Monday, March 12, 2007

In the unfrozen North

Here I am again in Norman (OK) and for those who are in the know, Hi Ya'll. Weeks worth of school that could have been very useful a year or two ago. Still handy though. I have to wonder if it is the very nature of man to wait till the usefulness of something is beyond proven to actually get up the whatever to pursue it's use. I've been working with computers and networks for years but the only formal training anyone has sent me through was back in the day when you could builde your own circuits on a card. Could add and subtract but people still used slide rules for the important calculations (see the last trip to the moon). Now the new ME is out (Vista) and here we go again.

Makes me want to buy stock in aspirin.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do you really like free??

e-Sword is a free bible software location. They will accept money though. I sent them some and they sent me the cd. Try it, you'll like it. especially if you are a fan of the King James Versions.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's a cold cold world....

It is below 60 again. (47.9 here ) I will be glad to see the 70's again. I have cousins up north (above Monroe, even) and I know they are cold. My sympathies. But look, here comes spring, then summer, then etc. Don't forget the suntan lotion.....

Pottermania has started to build once again. July release for the next movie and the final book of the series. Maybe everyone will give it a rest now. I do have to admit that I find the characters fascinating (to quote Mr. Spock). I was glad to have seen the first movie before I started reading the books. It gave me faces to go with the stories. The characters were well developed and diversified in their reactions to the many changing situations. Makes for entertainment anyway. Of course the encouragement to participate in witchcraft can be read into it so caution should be applied.

Just finished one of the Louis L'Amour collections today. Also makes for good entertainment, but I don't recommend riding the rails or flying death defying stunts in a Grumman either.

Don't forget

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Its a small world after all

Just a little bit of torture for the minds like mine out there.

Politics is in full swing now. The hate and lies begin to fly. Soon the rainy season of mud slinging will start. What we need to ask ourselves is what are we doing? Who do we vote for and why. I couldn't care less what party you belong to. If you do it is a stigma you can't wash off. If you don't, where is your commitment? George didn't care for the politics. He was more concerned with survival. Maybe that is why he should be considered our greatest president. For those who might be confused, the reference is not to Dubya or his Dad, but to the original George W.(ashington) Socialist are doomed to failure as demonstrated by history. It's very nature requires everyone to think and do the same. (Hello 1984) Is the end result Soilent Green? Maybe. That is a direction I don't want to go. 2043 will tell.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Living in a bowl makes sense??

I went web surfing yesterday and ran into an article by an apparently prejudice guy whom I think hasn't thought everything through. He was obviously ant-Semitic and with the usual for most people view of history. (Meaning he only sees history as it supports his own views and not its entirety.) Should the 9th ward of New Orleans (or lowland in St. Bernard or anywhere else for that matter) be rebuilt? From a true historical perspective, I would say no. The same no I said years ago before the coastal development around Florida put literally millions of people in the path of destruction from the hurricanes that are bound to come. (Not to mention the rising ocean, global catastrophe etc.)

But what will come will come. Rebuild it if you must.

I know the call of home and have answered it myself. But you have to rebuild it with the thought in mind that any structure you put up is in reality a temporary thing. Nothing (shy of God's grace) last forever. Does Stonehenge look the same as it did two millennium ago. I think not. Will the 9th ward flood again? I'm willing to wager it will. The Army Corp of Engineers are not up to the task of designing a system better than the one nature was working on till they interfered with it.

Get real people. New Orleans was built in a place that nature intended to flood many time over in order to build up the land. The same flooding is designed to build up the coastline of Louisiana. Those people who are building big houses and such in the Atchafalaya basin had best take notes on the 9th ward because they will shortly find themselves looking for the same boats to rescue them. If you want to live in these type of places, fine, but don't be holding your hand out for federal funds while you cuss the state. You chose it and you should be the ones to pay for it.

Sleep in the bed you make.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Art Who?

Is it real or is it imagination? Which way do you see it. The basic premises underlying the thought came from where? Is it art?? Would you call it Hi Fi or stereo or HD? Does it really matter?

Questions all, and we'd like to know. Can the Enquirer tell us?

No. They don't know. Only God and I know for sure and I have my own doubts about my memory.

A hand of fire on the highway of life?? No, just my hand in front of the camera and the flash flashing it's brilliant whyte lyght at about six inches from the surface.

But is it art?

Monday, January 08, 2007

It's the new year and it's the "Same as it ever was."

Same as it ever was

like the man said in the song

Same as it ever was.

One of the truest statements ever made in song. Look at Israel's rise and fall, and rise and fall, and rise and fall, and rise and fall, and rise and fall, and rise and fall, and rise and fall, and rise and fall, and what do you see? America, America and here we go again. Now the Demo's control congress and they will be careful and argue about tax cuts and taxes and other was to get your money or at least control of your money but probably won't do much about it till they have the white house behind them. (They have less than the 75% that might be required to override a presidential veto.) So more bluster and blow to put us deeper in the snow. I supposed it would be too much to hope for. A core of congressional people who actually look beyond party noise and look to the people's need and desire. Should for some reason some politician read this, what we want is less government and more purpose in what is there. You are not my nanny and you do not need to feed me with a copper and lead spoon. You should not allow people like some of the people recently elected in my home state to serve as they represent that which is broken and not that which desires to save and improve. I don't want a free handout nor do I want to fund such a thing. If I desire to render aid to someone on the street, I will do so. If I do not wish to aid them I have the right to choose to not render aid. Don't you worry about it because God will take care of me for it. (By that I mean the Creator may take me to task for ignoring one of His own.)
Who knows what the baby in the womb might become, a mass murderer or the developer of the cure for (pick your favorite disease and put it here). Or that child may grow up to be an average person who does their best to get by and never accomplishes any great thing in the eyes of the world. You don't know and neither do I, but they deserve the chance.
I've got to tell you, I voted for the president, though he isn't the best person for the job. The alternative looked like suicide to me. Kinda like Fast Eddie and the (former) fascist. The rallying campaign cry was vote for the crook, it's important. I did because the alternative wasn't much of a choice. Now don't get me wrong. I think W is adequate as a president, but he isn't a Ronald Reagan. (Who I think history will call the best president of the 20th century) I don't think we have had a really good president since Washington anyway. He impressed me as having a vision for the future where government responded to the needs of the people without taking over the lives of the people. In that regard FDR and his social programs (possibly stolen from Huey) did the most damage to the country in all of history and set us on the path to socialism. Oh for future vision I cry and see only the darkness of involuntary servitude. Free the people America, make them truly free.

But enough from the soap Box.

In case you are wondering, I don't support either of the two major parties and the smaller parties scare me just as much. I am an independent in the extreme I guess. You keep guessing too......

Same as it ever was.