Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Random Thoughts in early spring..

I think 5 Guys understands how to make a hamburger.
I know the little salad place just south of Alex does as well.
Mickey D's, eh! All i'll give them.
BK Lounge does better with burgers if you can get them to understand "your way."
DQ Forget the burger, dessert first.
Same for the hedgehog.
Popeye's doesn't do burgers. And that's a good thing.
Regular resties do have burgers but there is often some assembly required. I prefer RTE.

Yes, I am still hungry.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Bye, Bye, Baby Bye Bye

Yes, I am quoting Janis there, or Big Brother to be a bit more precise. The reference of course is to Face(plant)book. Far too many distractions from what I am interest in and too much divisiveness in the political arenas. I've done my research and have reached the same conclusion once again. Anarchy is the inevitable outcome of our current political situation and the degree of violence that my grandkids will face is growing exponentially. It has become obvious to me that the current political parties are no longer viable alternatives and we need some refocusing on the important issues. Actually, we need a better understanding of which issues are important and which ones exist simply to incite rage and disorganization. We are rapidly failing as a country and are getting to be a nuclear armed 3rd world country. Charlie Daniels may be correct and the South might just do it again. California may be trying to be the leader but like so many leaders who have come and gone, they are not leading in a good direction. Washington (dc) can't decide on a positive direction so it is in it's own inverted universe with so many ticks sucking the country's blood and no clue what to do. ( for all you English majors and teachers out there, sorry about the run-on and incomplete thought. That is actually my point though.) All I can say is get real. Between Bush one and Trump every president we had killed many of our constitutional rights and are continuing to trod on that uniquely formulated agreement and have all, in my not so humble and sometimes very loud opinion, disgraced the office with which they were trusted. Governors from all parties in the states with which my family have connections have been ineffective leaders accompanied by legislatures who would prefer to bicker with governors rather than address and resolve issues. Am I speaking of Louisiana? Of course, and Florida and Texas and Oklahoma and pretty much the other 46 states. ALL the major and most of the minor parties have sought to keep the economy rolling at a wartime pace when in fact there is no need. The country as a whole needs to take a step back and get another look at what we are doing. As of right now, corporate and political greed is at an all time high. Government is out of control and no one is paying attention to it. Seems to me like there are two entities free falling from 30 thousand feet and the only thing they care about is getting in the last "slap in the face" rather than finding a parachute to use. OK, not my best analogy, but still better than Tony Stark's Spidey analogy.