Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sunny and Mild

It's the weather forcast. It's the best attitude to have in your life. It's the way to go and the way to serve. Extreme is for the moment but only in the short term and unfortunately necessary at times, but not a recommended way to travel the paths of life. Too much wear and tear on the limbs. Life is good, life with Jesus is better.

Ya'll have a fun day now, you hear??

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Neat trips don't have to be expensive, (but it helps to have cash)

We just did a little trip to Daytona Beach to R & R and visit with the kids, etc. 800+ miles each way. I recommend it and I don't recommend it (sounds democratic doesn't it? or maybe republicratic) because that is a long way and gas isn't free. Biketoberfest 2k6 was cranking up and there were plenty of hogs to see (and a few rice burners as well) but the real fun for me was the dance after getting back. (Just us 2 on the living room floor) Of course, LA turned soggy and we came back in the middle of the rain. At least 5.5 inches (all the rain gage holds) plus another 1/2 last night. But all is well with my world except my health (I hate summer colds in the winter) and the lack of people to do the work at work. Another saturday night I could have spent sleeping but am forced by circumstances to work (for time and a half of course). Life always goes on though and we do what we can when we can get to it. I hope your day goes well and God's hand is made evident for you. He has revealed many things to me over the years and sometimes I was paying attention. (a necessary thing to see His wonders and realize that is what you are looking at!)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Portability, not potability

I like portable. Portable boats, portable applications, portable operating systems, all of them. John (or jon, if you prefer) boats. (No motors or just electric ones) You can go places bassmaster style boat will not be able to see . e-Sword is an awesome portable bible if you can keep a charge on you laptop/pda. ( I believe) When you get down to it, only what you carry in your heart and your head are the best and truly portable things. Clothes wear out, batteries die, even polarcraft aluminum boats will eventually wear out (my take a century or two, but eventually) Make it a point to carry around the "heart of the matter" and carry in your heart what matters most, Jesus (the Christ.) Light load, lots of power, no batteries needed.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Holey Walk

Have you ever stepped in a hidden hole in the yard? I did in Mama's yard the other day. Life's lessons continue. I did have the presence of mind to go with the force of gravity and not try to fight it. Only a mild stressing of the ankle. Yet how like the pitfalls satan throws into our paths each day. Hidden hole to trip us up if we try to walk a holy walk. Forget "talk the talk" stuff. Too many people talk but you can't find the walk no matter how hard you look. Or the walk bears little resemblance to the talk. (take note islam)

Words of wisdom from someone who knew:

Wars will continue. (Learn the lesson of England before Churchill)
The poor will always be here. (Till the final day.)

You can't win if you don't know the game (and if you know the game, play by the rules.)