Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday and I just realized this is my favorite answer city.


Is that poetic or what?

Watched the Natchez turn around at the Riverwalk. Cool. Fudge and Mike Anderson's Seafood with a little wine tasting. I wasn't driving. Temperature was pleasant and the rain blew right through while we were there. Parking was expensive as everything else seems to be, but it was expected.

Think I'll skip House of Blues: too many negative vibes to me. Maybe I'll pic some houses.....

What ya thinks kids? Sound like Pops??

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Night in the Big Easy

They surely are proud of things down here. Should have been twice as much cheesecake for all that money. But is was rich and tasty.. We got to town right after a parade was finishing up and people were leaving. And of course the gps was lost. Seems someone forgot to inform it about rearranging of major highways. We did tour some interesting areas of town, for sure.

Still a lot of work to be done around here. Hopefully people and companies will build smarter this time. I don't expect much from the PO though. Servers in the basement, I ask you?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Thursday Night

What does that say about life? Don't ask me, I'm asking you.

Anyway, got shot today. Made some of the pain go away, so Whorey. Also made me take a three hour nap, fortunately not on a tour. Do feel somewhat better now. Hopefully now I can drop a few #'s and feel better. Oh 180 wherest art thou??

Friday, February 11, 2011


Tolerance is the byword today. Not mine. I am intolerant of cold weather. That would be weather below 60f. Especially when in is far enough below 60 to freeze the plumbing.

I've heard it said that Christians should apologize for the crusades. Odd thing is you can't ask for an apology from Islam for the slaughter of non-believers of mohamed during the expansion of that religion. Nor even for the modern day persecution of Christians throughout the world.

I haven't heard any frenchman's apology for the theft of Huguenot (can never remember how that is spelled) property and lives when my ancestors were run out of that country for apparently believing and trusting the king of France.

Personally, I do not apologize for slavery in this country. Yes it was real, yes human beings were bought and sold, (and for those unfamiliar with the darker side of Louisiana history it wasn't just africans who suffered this, but whites as well as every other race and ethnic group) yes it was a stupid and short sighted solution to an agrarian problem, but it is history and I don't apologize for things beyond my control. No one asked me if it was ok. In case you seek permission, the answer is no! Just ask my kids. Pop's number one answer to most questions.

I guess what it boils down to is this:
If you are truly a Christian, you can't criticize anyones morals (or lack there-of).
If you are truly a Christian, you can't talk to God outside of your closet.
If you are truly a Christian, you can't have moral standards of your own (you bigot. You're making everyone else look bad).
If you are truly a Christian, you can't use history to tell the truth.
If you are truly a Christian, you can't use the Bible to correct people or your own children.

If you are truly a Christian, you know the devil wants you to shut up and he will use all of the world to try to force you to be quiet.

Well guess what
people, I am a Christian and I will not be silent. America is doomed because it has forgotten it's past and the mistakes of europe are back to haunt us again. America has forgotten the Lord who made it possible and like Israel of ancient times, we seek to have a "king" like everyone else does and like Israel of ancient times, we may very well get one. I have predicted (not prophesied) anarchy in the past and I still believe it. Not problems in 2012 but anarchy in 2043. I'll be 90 and genetically the odds are good that I will live to see it. But as God wills, so be it. I am ready now.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It's Coooold Out There....................

Well, the next 4 nights the weather guessers are calling for way below 60. Nature installed air conditioning for us in the front bedroom but we got it plugged now.

And tomorrow is Groundhog day