Tuesday, December 31, 2019

As you may have noticed

A few people may have noticed a void in my commentaries since November. Actually, it is not that surprising if you follow me. I often run out of things to say and other times I choose to say nothing. Such is Christmas Time. Next to the birth of my savior, nothing I have to say is worthy of comment. But now we approach the new year and I think it is time for accountability to be had. El Presidente' walks around with his foot in his mouth while (deleted expression of distaste) "leaders" in congress cry over milk they spilled. Meanwhile NOTHING of importance to the American is given any regard by said "leaders" on both sides of the aisles. How about we stop the witch-hunts and the blame game and start this new year off with addressing some real needs. Homeless Vets with broken minds from distant wars receive very little of the promised help we were told of when we (all vets) joined. As demonstrated by politicians since the turn of the 18th century, any word they give is only wind. Not even lip service, really. I have many cousins, some more liberal than others and some more conservative and all I can say to them is, as an observer and analyzer of history and past events, neither extreme will serve us well. Nothing comes without cost and many of the socialist leaning people do not account for all the cost they will pay if relying on the government is a direction they choose. And on the other end if you do not take care of the people and only pay attention to the "bottom line", you will see anarchy rise up and burn you down. I prefer we balance the two and count the cost carefully. We as a country are on the edge of revolution being triggered by the Democratic "leadership" and anarchy by the business "leadership". 2043 is drawing closer. I know many people of democratic persuasion that are severely unimpressed with congress and many of the republican persuasion that wish the president would put his phone down and shut up for a few days. When I first registered to vote I was a democrat, and many of the democrats in office at the time were much more cognitive of their actions and could see past the end of their nose, even if they weren't much straighter than a dog's hind leg. Back about the time of Carter I said poo-poo on both. I respect the need for unions in their beginning but the "stuff" we have now is only concerned with maintaining their power and growing it larger. I have witnessed the attempts over the past 40 years of unions to pressure it's membership to vote a certain way. Makes me want to slap the bullying union leadership in the face, but I restrain myself.  More and bigger government means less and less freedom, less and less control over your income, and more and more taxes. Another thing that kind of government will do is grow the military side of the government while paying them less and less. Look at Mother Russia and what they did after the War. They grew until Reagan forced them to go into bankruptcy and the Union splintered, leaving petty dictators running loose all over eastern europe. (nearly destroyed us as well).

This is my belief. We must reign in the power lusting politicians and make them remember that they are the servants of the people, not the masters. All of us who have served in the military have an obligation to defend the constitution against the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. Even though we are still a "free" nation, our unbalanced government will soon fail us and we the voters will be left to pick up the pieces. Working together is the only way and we need leadership that understands that the power in this country belongs to the people and the people have the obligation to sustain their power in the face of power mongers and ineptitude. Perhaps there are a few people in the three branches that are not corrupted, and they need to speak out now against abuse of power.

And no, the dead are not imbued with a right to vote unless the physically rise from the grave and show their valid voter registration card. Seems like it has happened here in Louisiana in the past but it seems to have spread nationwide now. I wish it was a joke, but.....