Tuesday, January 17, 2023

It's The End Of The World as we know it....

 Sometimes I am entertained by list on tv and faceplantbook. In magazines and in the mail. I have to laugh as my other option is to cry. Brits pontificating about Elvis and BB King and completely ignoring some bands that were significant to my mind. I sat through the "top ten" program on AXStv and they definitely hear a portion of the music community but they also ignore some of us old folk. Psychedelic rock is poorly displayed with references to some of the major players but no or barely a mention of the heart of psychedelia. You have to include Grateful Dead in the discussion, along with many of their influences. Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson) is an apocalyptic song the Dead covered and is as significant to the genre as Wooden Ships (CSN and Jefferson Airplane). What I haven't figured out is how Uriah Heep failed to get a mention. Demons and Wizards and The Magicians Birthday are to me extremely well done (and Prog Rock to me) and definitely falls into the psychedelic genre as well and far more listenable than some that they mention. If you happen to have some Yes albums and the Uriah albums I mentioned you will notice some similarities in the artwork. To me these people have a fixation on noise and show and that is the major factor to them. But that is what makes money, so art once again is ignored.

 My recommended listening is not what most would consider;

Uriah Heep : Demons and Wizards, The Magician's Birthday and Salisbury

Grateful Dead: Aoxomoxoa, Live Dead, American Beauty

Rush: I gotta give the Canadian props. 2112 (I forget. I don't own the vinyl) 

Jefferson Airplane (not Starship) all of the early stuff...

 Walter (Wendy) Carlos: Switched on Bach (on vinyl.....)

Now with The Doors, I'm not a big Morrison fan. Ray and Robbie and John are the ones who got me interested in their music but as far as Jim, not my kind of poet. And no, his dad did not start the Vietnam conflict. Check out Ray's works post Doors. 

Of  Frank Zappa's works Apostrophe is the only one I can take. True, most of his work is sonic art but his choice of language I have problems with. I have the same issue with most rap, hip hop, and tiktok performers. That issue is with excessive profanity. I've heard most all of it during my 22 years of naval experience and I am still unimpressed by what seems to me to be a lack of thought being put into the works.

But that is me. As you might can tell I have issues expressing my thoughts coherently as well. But I prefer to not express myself profanely. Maybe I'll try composing my own top 10 list, but I might be better allowing for a top hundred selection as I tend to not separate into genres. To me there are two. I like. I don't like. That's all folks, to borrow a close.