Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why do I do that??

Work the weekend, that is. The 930pm to 6am shift specifically. Now my eyes are red and burning and dry, my head hurts, my bones ache and I can't find my socks. (family joke, I think).
Anyway things are warming up around here as the nighttime lows are now in the 60's and the rains are holding off. (That last part isn't good though) I'm watching episode 6 at the moment and it doesn't help that some things make me more emotional than I like to be. Oh well, just a few more tears that I can easily shed as "good" overcomes "evil" in the story. I have always been amazed that neither side of the force accepted the truth and ran with it. I suppose it wouldn't make for good theatre. (ergo profits). The follies of man............................

Monday, March 12, 2007

In the unfrozen North

Here I am again in Norman (OK) and for those who are in the know, Hi Ya'll. Weeks worth of school that could have been very useful a year or two ago. Still handy though. I have to wonder if it is the very nature of man to wait till the usefulness of something is beyond proven to actually get up the whatever to pursue it's use. I've been working with computers and networks for years but the only formal training anyone has sent me through was back in the day when you could builde your own circuits on a card. Could add and subtract but people still used slide rules for the important calculations (see the last trip to the moon). Now the new ME is out (Vista) and here we go again.

Makes me want to buy stock in aspirin.