Saturday, February 13, 2016

There once was a man from Nantuckett....

Learning old stuff once again. 


Is there every going to be a change in the national, or even state political scene??  We have so limited a choice now that we have put lawyers and con men in positions of power. There used to be a lot of farmers and business people in those positions and sadly, those who hold those type of real jobs do not want the stigma of politics hanging on their coat-tales. I guess the next thing will be outsourcing governors and presidents to china or mexico. Should that come about I think it would be time to redo the not very civil war and eliminate the socialist government. Or perhaps we could vote with our own intellect and tell the posturing bimbos we have to apply at Mickie Dee's as they are no longer needed. And in the meantime tell them that they can have the retirement that they paid for, not the free ride on the working people. 

As for me, I think we should redo this thing. We should take care of our own first. Not refugees, not the illegals, immigrant or no but those who live here and are born here. I'd rather have Arnold than what we have now. At least we know where he was born. If you really think about it, our best president was an immigrant of a sort as he was a British citizen before the country was even formed, as were several of the early presidents we had. 

Truth is, our country is doomed and has been from the start. It is run by people. If we eliminate the people, we eliminate the problem. But then, who would be left to enjoy it? The great apes  maybe?? I think maybe so. Planet of the Apes for real! Awesome. 

But who would listen to Fever Tree then? Or Fantasy playing "Stoned Cowboy" ?

I'm just Grateful to be dead to sin....