Sunday, August 20, 2006

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Oh Very Well. (To quote Senior Chief Hubble) Louisiana in the hot sunshine is the place to be when you want to sweat. One of the worlds largest saunas in case you weren't aware.

The rains come and go, mostly go this time of year. When they come, it gets nasty. Yesterday we got everything picked up, today there is another big limb down (without a storm.) Is my patience being tried by higher authority or is it simply the nature of pecan trees to be agrivating? Maybe it's both. Reguardless, I have no plans to cut up a limb when it is 95.2 outside.

Last time I tried to blog this thing, it sat in a loop for 15 minutes. I wonder if this time will be better??

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

It's only 94.5 in the shade. The grass is cut, the mower is dead, and I stink. Oh well, life is fun as well as funny. I guess I could take a shower or I could go work on the mower some more. Or I could push the little mower to touch up. The problems I have! I could concern myself with the things of the world I have no control over or I could work on the things I can. I guess I'll dissasemble the generator and replace the bearing.