Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sittin in the mall and wondering why

Got to go to the large font so I can see it. The curse of age, you know. Seeing all the kids out of school here and wishing school could be 24/7 sometimes. But then again, I'm not that mad at anyone and wouldn't want to curse the teachers that badly for anything. At least a few of the kids are with a parent or two. I note that many of the stores are devoid of customers though. Oh well, gotta go get some vitamin c as per dr.'s orders.

Merry Thanksgiving and a Happy CHRISTmas.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let's try that again

Armistice Day / Veteran's Day.

I guess there aren't many left who remember the origin of this day of observance. How many people remember back to 1918? They are nearly all gone. Those of you who have family in their 110's best go talk and reminisce with them. They will soon be gone like the veterans of the war for Southern Independence. (Weren't nothin' civil about it if you ask me.) Daddy and his brothers and sisters did their part during WW2 (the second war to end all wars) and I gave them 22 years of active service. I thank God that I never had to face an enemy with a gun trying to kill me. I have cousins that know that feeling and I know from their experience that I don't want to face that situation. Now My son and daughter-in-law are in harms way following orders and doing what they can. I think more than others I have an appreciation of this situation and the fullest of ramifications that can come. I know I certainly appreciate the nature of the situation more than many of our "leaders" and others in positions of power. I guess it's a good thing my finger is nowhere near the button.

If you can walk down the street and not fear for your life, you should thank a veteran (and policeman and firefighter and neighborhood watcher) because their blood makes it possible. The days of safety are numbered now and the number is getting smaller. The time has come to teach your children well, not just what they need for living, but what they need for life. Teach them about their ancestors and the trails and tribulations, the joys and sorrows, the good and the bad of their history. Hold nothing back because the world will not hold any evil back from them. Especially teach them about the nations and their relationship with God as well as their own personal relationship with God (and Jesus).

Heaven comes soon. Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned.
Live to serve and serve to live.

Armistice Day


Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's Saturday and it's above freezing.!.!.

That's the way I like it.......

above freezing (60 for the uninitiated )

The election is upon us. The question is do we elect someone who may not be qualified to run legally or do we elect someone who knows pain and suffering. I'll let you figure out who is who. I hear that Mickey is still declining, but there is always Ralph....

What a choice huh? Liberal or socialist. Do we go with corporate or push on to anarchy? I find the whole thing tiring to no end. Nor do I see a good end to this. Depression is coming, financial and mental.

My question to God is "are you judging this country or are you allowing this country to fail?" The original concepts that formed the country are lost on the big government people because that is one of the things my forefathers fought against. Privilege for the rich and oppression for the poor. Guess what? That is one of the things that brought Israel into judgment and Babylonian slavery. It caused God's favor to be withdrawn from Israel and we face the same fate. Never has prayer been more needed and less used. Yet just a few good men can change the world. Such is my hope.

Stock up you ammo and keep your powder dry.

We're gonna need it and soon...................