Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Just a quick Happy Birthday to my eldest. 

I look around and see many other fathers and I wonder if I did ok trying to raise the kids as I served in the Navy and later in the Postal Service. I didn't have to serve at sea a whole lot as my job was shore and ship based. 36 in seagoing duties and 36 in shore based. Moving every three or four years is rough on adults and even more so on children. I am astounded that my wife could love me enough to manage the moves and the times I was deployed, and still does after two retirements. Now here I am, back where I started from and now with Rose Marie, a cat and a dog. My children have given me twelve grand-kids ( so far ). Since I have retired again I haven't had to bail any of the above from jail, so that is good. 

So my eldest, happy birthday. My middlest, thank you for your service. My youngest, thank you for loving me, even though I was on the coast of Spain when you were born. I love you all.