Friday, March 26, 2021

Itz a chilly 80+ out there. Yes, I be kiddin'.

 Sitting, eating, listening to BB King and Red Cloud. Dinnertime on a Friday Fixed weed eater, chain saw. Looking for missing paperwork. Just all kinda fun things. Debating whether to follow Grandma's rule or moving the 4th family picnic (Sunday) to the 3rd. Sometimes I think of following in my forefather's footsteps and rejecting the tyranny we have been facing for the past few decades. To me it is unconscionable for people to vote on their own raises, their own healthcare, their own benefits when the expense of that burden is not shared by them but placed on the ones who actually work for a living. The lack of character displayed in the vilifying of one who disagrees and then turning around and saying it is ok if they do it. Using hearsay as fact and demanding fact if directed at them. If you want names, just look at the names absent from the media now. I would like to urge all of a truly Christian mind in California to ensure you have a path out of that place and when the world starts shaking again, use it.