Saturday, December 29, 2012

To hear people talk about it, our current pres won by a large majority rather than the narrow gap that it was. As our lemming pres and congress (yes, for those who are offended, I do mean the democrat socialist and the republican industrialist, including the independent office holders as well as the extremely biased media of both parties and all the other presidents who trampled on my rights in the name of "national security") run towards a "cliff" I hope that they realise they have left the truth behind and chase fancies much like the sirens of The Oddessy. Yet this bunch of lemmings also drag us behind them with no true concern for this country's future beyond today. Tomorrow is a concern for others whom are less important than they and you can be assured that if you rely on the government for anything, it can easily cost you everything. This has proven true over the expanse of history and will be true to the death of this country, which I will sadly live to see (God willing) and it is something I expect to see by the year 2043. Not the last coming of Christ (Sooner is my hope.) but the inevitable rise of anarchy in a regulated socialist society. People will eventually rebel and though it may take over 83.6 years there is a bare possibility that a representative government may re-establish itself and exist for more than a couple of centuries.

Or maybe next time we do what the bumper sticker I recently saw say: Re-Elect NO ONE. What a day of joy that would be, and you know as well as I that it would be an act of God if we listened to that wisdom.

But mankind lacks the wisdom to listen and it is a sad thing to me.

Look at the sunset, wherever you are. Lift your Dr. Pepper high and say "THANK YOU LORD for thinkin' 'bout me"

I hope I can think about God more each day. America is lost.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is bizarre. I am having trouble finding a thought to think and the computer decides I don't need to write it anyway.

I recently rediscovered some of my earlier writings, like, from the 70's, man.  Pre-disco stuff but not some of the stranger stuff, but they may turn up sometime or other. Still trying to decide whether or not to post or publish.

Maybe after Christmas.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Happy Hanukkah

hope I spelled that correctly.....