Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's hot out there

But not as hot as some will be one day. Think about it. Politicians are going to have a "fun" day. Jefferson having to answer why there was so much cold cash in his freezer. Edwards having to answer questions about gambling in the state. What's his face answering for the internet. (sorry, forgot his name) Anyway, you politicos had better get it together and quick. Election day isn't far away.

And what about all those voters that voted after they died??

and not just in Louisiana either............................

Friday, June 08, 2007

It's almost Saturday morning

8 am to noon. The Greaser Show.

No longer streamed (Kricket Internet cost prohibitive) and no longer simulcast but still on 92.1. I don't know who is stopping by this weekend but Louis is bound to have good music. The corn festival in Bunkie is this weekend. Be next year before you can get to it. 2nd weekend in June I think.

Ever have your ceiling fall down. Trust me, no fun.....

Hurricane season is here also. Got water? (It doesn't spoil)

Hey Kareaux!