Monday, March 14, 2011

Thinking about it

We are a couple of hundred miles from the coast. Elevation is only 63 ft. The question becomes; If a tectonic plate displacement occurs, would a wave 90 ft. tall be able to reach us? When it crosses the beach down near Houma, there is no longer a water base to feed it so it immediately begins to loose force and its base begins to thin. Like spreading butter on toast, is there enough to coat the land this far in.

The problem is mathematically solvable, if you have adequate information. But is it likely enough to need to calculate it? I think not. Were the wave that tall and in the Gulf, the rest of the earth would be suffering such upheaval as to make travel impossible anyway. Jon boat, preservers, pork & beans and vienna sausages with an assist from God is what you need.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

What do i know? I'm just an old guy.

Who happens to know much more than i have to tell. And yes, i do understand what your objective is. You may or may not succeed, but it will not be by your own efforts. You do not have a need to know nor do i feel a need to inform you beyond this. You are seen. You have been seen. You will be seen, and by more eyes than you know.

peon, governor, president is all the same to eyes that know.

Watch out for those that do.

and especially be aware of where i am.

Hint: if it is Sunday, try church......