Saturday, February 23, 2019

Music and randomness is in the air.

Well, I'd normally not recommend things but on occasion I am surprised by something.  Of course for you who know me know that that in itself isn't a surprise. But that I admit I like something, that may surprise you. At the moment I am referring to Pandora and Spotify websites/Apps. If you are looking for certain songs they can be a deliverance to your puzzled mind. They can also frustrate you,but so far I am enjoying the experience. Also the allowance for you to build your own playlist will let you combine songs of various genre' from many assorted albums. Given that my taste run from ragtime to prog rock and includes everything except sitar (only) music my playlist are what many call eclectic. (polite word for weird if you didn't know) Ragtime, blues, military, big band, real rock n roll, soul, psychedelic, hillbilly, jug band, newer rock n roll(ish), alternative (some), Prog rock and others make up my  listening environs. I know John Phillip Sousa tunes, Elmore James, Rogers and Hammerstein, Bo Diddley and so many others. I listen to them all specifically for what God has put into their messages in verse. If you look for satan's message, you will find it as well, but I look for God's. Many of the songwriters put their lyrics down without regard for the sublime but have a certain message in mind. Of course, many songs have a very limited message, usually identified by multiple repetitions of the same noise. Rap and hip-hop haven't really influenced me much as "explicit" content will make me listen to something else rather quickly, even to the point of hitting the off button and listening to the grass grow. It doesn't shock me but it does make me pity the teachers who see their efforts wasted. If you can't express yourself any better than using profanity, you are not an artist. You show your limited perceptions and disregard for the value of real respect and a lack of self-respect. At least, so it seems to me. Herman's Hermits "Henry the VIIIth" presented itself back in the 60's and I took it as a parody of songwriting back then. (Second verse same as the first). I like much of Weird Al's work, the beauty of It's A Beautiful Day, the strangeness of Hampton Grease Band, Pink Floyd, and The Yardbirds/Led Zeppelin, the precision of Eric Clapton and Roy Clark. I listen to country and to western as well as swing, both big band and Texas. Truthfully much of todays top music (sales wise) carries very little appeal as I am now old and I still find gems in the 60's and 70's music that is new to me. I am also a "Deadhead", though not of the usual variety. Starflyer 59 I first heard on the Blonde Vinyl tape and just found them on Spotify. Mellowing out is cool. The Doors had many really impressive songs as well as totally forgettable ones. The same can be said of most groups. I'm not talking top 40 either. Most of those were here and gone without making a dent on my mind. Maybe I'll put a playlist out there for all to see. Word of warning, most of the songs I like last more than 3 minutes, several more than 30 minutes. Now excuse me as I go "Surfing with the aliens".