Sunday, December 31, 2006

Where has all the energy gone.

Not that many years ago, I had energy in abundance. Now it seems I can tell that my energy stores are depleting. I watched Kareaux romping at the beach chasing the birds and I can remember that energy. Takes me back to the days of somersaults in the spring across the grassy yard (before I was allowed to operate the mower.) I can remember playing basketball (until people forgot it was, after all, a game) running where I wanted to go, biking here and there. Good thing my memory works, cause the batteries are suffering. Not being a winter person I have difficulties when the weather turns cold. It doesn't stop me, but it will slow me down.

Watch your children play. Play while you can. Producing joy in your life and the life of the child is a reflection of the joy you get from God. Always treat it as the special gift it is.

Another Saturday Night

and working again

Oh well, pays the bills.

Except the "Non" taxes that the utility companies call by other names. Still, as Billy said, a rose is a rose is a rose no matter what you call it. The thorns are going to get you. Count on it and keep the antibiotic handy. An "adjustment" is not an adjustment when the price of usage is 50 bucks and it gets adjusted by 200. That child is a hidden theft/tax. And they get away with it due to the lawyers. I think we should prohibit lawyers from entering any government office. Make English teachers write the laws. At least then we could check to see if they spelled it correctly and they aren't likely to be confused by participles, dangling or not. I think I like the flat limited tax idea too. everything in the country that you buy taxed at 5%. (ONLY) no increases. Then everyone would have to pay. As the rich buy more expensive stuff, they will pay more. The poor on the other hand can't afford much so they will buy less and pay less in taxes. Should make everyone happy, no? (Except for the freeloaders who need to study the Jamestown thing. Would still work you know.)

Anarchy is coming.
Be prepared.......

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Turn Left at Alberquerque

So I can't spell. Big deal. I'm not the VP. Potatoe is also correct though. Did you know?

Talk about needing a life........

Vote for common sense. Not much out there, but we need all we can find.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Reality isn't what you think it is, but what is it?

Do you watch "reality" TV? Any true scientist could tell you that what you see isn't the reality it is portrayed to be. Studying a subject induces change upon the subject. If you want to see what happens when something affects your subject, you must inject that stimulus. In doing that your subject is no longer spontaneous but reactive.

Reality simply is. It isn't a show.