Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesdays are fun

Wednesdays are fun

I picked my car up yesterday. It has been in the shop since the 1st of December while AIG (insurance company of the guy who caused the wreck) tried to make a decision. Wound up costing them over 11k on a car worth 12k. Makes no sense to me, but that's not unusual.....

Runs fine by the way..

almost 4 months - ridukkulus

inside joke there

Here it is, Wednesday, (the day, not the person) and I wonder what will happen next. The funerals are past and hopefully we'll have a couple of months before the next one. You get tired of them after a while, but we all will pass on eventually (unless of course the unmentionable One returns before then.) Many people are so clueless about what each day can mean, sometimes me included. We can stay in bed and do next to nothing (harming no one but ourselves) or we can get up and putter around the yard or sit at a table and drink coffee or perhaps write the great american novel or give a bottle of water to someone who needs one. Our options are as endless as our opportunities. We simply have to look for them.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

What a Weekend

Three funerals in one day and two of them at the same time. I know my kids sometimes thing I can manage such a feat, but I no longer have the feet to do it with. Did you ever wonder why we develope such expectations? I don't even particularly like funerals, especially when they are the very formalized and formulic types. I know that brings comfort to some though, so I put my tiredness aside and plough on. I prefer an honest and hopefully joyful ceremony. Open hearted comments and dialog are the best comforts for me. Who here on earth can say with certainty who gets into heaven? I thought that job belonged to Jesus and God. There are many I believe will be in heaven, but last time I checked it wasn't up to me. I can't say what anyones relationship to the Creator is. So I'll just try to live His Word and trust what He tells us there. Do your own thinking.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

World View

My world view is somewhat limited. I say that because what the world wants and what I want are things that can never really come together. From what I have seen in life, the only way for there to be world peace is for humans to abandon the planet. Let nature rule and the world will eventually return to the natural destruction/conquest/decomposition cycle. Mankind simply accelerated that cycle with selfish view of dominence. Until mankind can control himself (or herself) and put the needs of the many first, we can never direct the future in a positive manner. Can we know peace, even when it comes? Only a gifted few (relatively speaking) understand the truest nature of the universe, and then only because they are willing to acknowledge their inability to truely understand it fully. True scientist are few. There are those who are investigators that pursue scientific knowledge, but work from a pre-existant plan or presumption and there are those few who look at things in wonder and seek knowledge of how it is done regardless of preconcieved notions or propositions. A true scientist will not reject the notion of "intelligent design" (politically correct, almost, of saying Jehovah / God / Almighty) nor do they blindly accept "intellegent design" without looking into it. Many scientist are left with the conclusion that they just don't know and don't understand, and are unwilling to leave it at that, so they create possiblity scenarios which require blind acceptance (scientific faith??) of some postulation.

Being a simple minded (as supposed by the "learned") and from the swamps where life may abound, but didn't start, many will disregard my opinion. So be it. They have the right. But as I have seen a bit of the world and been to places of power (natural and man-made) I have been left with the conclusion that this world is not an accident of nature but a creation of God. Did it take a week (well, six days?) I wasn't there to mark the calendar. Does it matter to me? No, I'll probably live out my 89 years without knowing for sure. I still won't be concered with how long it took to build. God did it and time is His servant, not He the slave of time. I am stuck here in linear time with few options about it, but I have no concern (even though my personal intent is to beat Bilbo's 134 years.) Ya'll have fun and come visit the swamps soon.... (hurricane season starts soon and I would recommend seeing the swamps before the next landfall in south central Louisiana)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Last of the Greatest Generation (Daddy's Side)

The last living child of Sam & Katie Hoyt is in dire straits now as Aunt Leona has had a stroke. She is the last of Daddy's brothers and sisters still living but the stroke has done serious damage. I don't know how much longer she will last, but before she goes I just wanted to say thanks to her and her brothers and sisters. During the war five brothers and one sister were in the services while one sister was working as a nurse and Aunt Leona worked for the Red Cross. It left one brother on the farm with Grandpa and Grandma and one sister still in school. Even after the war, the family remained and remains to this day closer than most, especially in spirit. The miles seperate us from New Hampshire and Mass to Washington (state), Arizona and Florida. But we all feel the pull of the swamps (aka Louisiana) and some of us still live here on the farm. Life comes and life goes, it will until the Lord returns. We need to experience it though not only our own eyes, but the eyes (and lives) of others. My advice from the swamps remains the same. Find someone from the elder generations and visit, talk, and experience their lives as you live your own. We of the baby boomers are the next old folks and we are already there people. Deal with it or suffer needles consequences.

Peace, Long Life, and Prosperity

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Life Cyle in the Swamp

Tings in the swamp have a natural up and down rhythm People come people go whether by moving or moving on as some say. Today is Jimmy's funeral, tomorrow is Rick's, Mrs Lucille isn't far from saying goodbye nor is Aunt Leona. But continuation is the key to nature. I believe in God and Jesus is His Son. I see His hand in the world and I see the freedom He gave us. Unfortunately Many take that freedom as license and fail to grasp that being free of God means being totally alone. God gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want, help a little old lady across the street, or murder 35 orphans in their sleep. You have that opportunity, but it is based in choice. Nothing we do is done without our choice, whether consciously or subconsciously. Every thing we do that is right as well as everything we do that is wrong. And every choice we make, good or evil, with forethought or without always, always has consequences. If you chose to kill, you face the consequence (now and/or later) If you choose to help the widows and orphans, again the consequences are now and/or later).