Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Poli - many
tics - bloodsuckers
poli + tics = Congress

the math does too.

Like my brilliant (and beautiful) daughter - in -law said. God be with us. Our choices this time around are slim. Socialist, liberal, Ralph Nader, who else?? How I miss Mickey & Alfred E. Evil choices yield evil but unfortunately it is all we have. Comparatively speaking we often go with the perceived "lesser" of two evils (or in this case up to ten) but what else is there to do? Not vote and let Satan influence more and more or vote for the least damaging choice? I guess we must or suffer the onset of anarchy. It is coming so hide your valuables and pray, then get out and vote..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Saturday Night

Just thought I'd go green.

Maybe not the algorerythim way, but green none the less or all the more.

On politics: Mark Twain was right. It has become a sad state of affairs when we are forced to chose between two evils. It bodes ill because the lesser of the two choices is still evil. I was just thinking, if the governor of the biggest state isn't qualified then why was a governor from ArKansas qualified?? Better liar? I don't know. I wish Mickey would reconsider.

On Religion: Sorry, Islam is not a religion of peace ( unless you count the peace of the grave). Neither is Christianity. The leader of this group admitted that He would divide families, etc. The biggest difference between the leaders of the two is the authority from which they taught. I recommend you check their lives out and decide for yourself.

On the swamps: Someday soon the Mississippi will change course as it should have done two centuries ago. Then maybe the ACE will go away and let nature rule. But I doubt it.

Haven't you ever wondered what this place would be like if there weren't any people messing it up?

I'm baaaacck????!!@~#