Monday, December 27, 2010

I went to Florida to warm up.

Didn't work.
29 tonight. Ouch. Have to wonder if God is trying to tell me something. Well, not trying, He is but am I hearing/listening? Therein lay the rub. I don't always hear so well. My attention factor is also somewhat dysfunctional. Wow, I didn't know that word used a Y. Spell check wonder....

and I do sometimes.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Do I Count?????

One thing I've noted is that I have 3 followers. When I check the list, there are only two listed. What happened to the 3rd one? Is it me?? Is it the invisible man??? I have no clue. Of course, I used to be blonde. I wonder if that has anything to do with it????

Too much for me.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lemon Tree Very Pretty

Mine is. Fifty lbs worth of pretty. I have yet to squeeze them, but I think I may have enough juice for the 4th. Of course a little more never goes awry. (Now there is a word you seldom see in political print.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What are we going to do??

Political uprising in America?? The Tea Party? (by the way,tp, I hate your mail in the teabag campaign. Those envelopes do not handle passing through machines very well and your teabags wind up scattered throughout the postal machines I have to work on.)

So what else is new? Get this folks. From simple observation and coherent thought: This president is no better than the last, nor the one before, nor the one before that, nor etc. He is simple the one we foolishly elected. Why, because people fail to grasp the basic design of our country and what we truly need to move forward in a beneficial way for all. Republicans don't get it. Democrats don't get it. Libertarian don't get it. Communist don't get it. Fact of the matter is, no organized group of any significance really gets what America is supposed to be about. Our laws are now overly burdensome, inarticulately and ignorantly written in such a manner that only self-serving egotistical people can "translate" them for ordinary people. It is so bad now that the people who write the laws can't understand their own legislation without interpretors.

I find a simple solution in throwing out everything after the Bill of Rights. Hand the amendments. What the Bill of Rights says should be equally applied across the board to all people. Bearing arms is the best way to defend the country. Holding people, and especially politicians, accountable for their actions gives the best chance for justice. Leave the word and concept of "race" out of it, it doesn't matter.

As for religion, face it, this country was founded by and for Christians to show a better way to be Christian. (Mainly to europe as an agnostic teacher once said.) That way calls for loving your neighbor (biblical sense, not hollywood's perverted sense). (Not for "knowing" your neighbor (biblical sense).) It is why the (now) forbidden ten commandments was used as the basis for the primary basic laws by which the government should be run. I really don't care what Islam, Buddhism, or any other ism teaches. I believe God is right and we don't understand. We learn a bit more each day if we try. If you really examine the teachings if scripture, you find that Christianity is the only religion that allows for the existence of other religions. It teaches that they are wrong, or incomplete, true, because they fail to properly address the Creator. But nowhere does it call for us to violently attack. It does call for us to be separate, but not to separate so much that we cannot reach the sinner if they wish to seek God.

Does the teachings of what we call "The New Testament" call for us to be violent: no. Does it call for us to allow violence: again, no. But it does acknowledge that there is violence in us all and we should be aware of it and seek a better path. It does tell us to "hate the sin" but it also tells us to "love the sinner," a difficult distinction to make I grant you. As long as we live imperfect lives (which is always) there will be violence and we who serve may find ourselves the harbinger of violence and death. It is not the best choice every, but sometimes it seems the only viable choice we see. That is our human nature and at it's best we see people who willingly lay down their lives for others, at it's worst we see people throwing others into death's pathway to save themselves.

America's best hope is to be the former type. Does this mean fight the world's wars? I don't think so, but it does mean we should be the example and lead the way to peace, not peace at any cost, but the peace that is founded in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. I wish that I could make the drug traffickers and slavers feel the pain they deal in, the egomaniacs that rule so many countries now feel the awful despair they cause, not to punish them, but to make them see the Way. Then maybe we could live together for a while without trying to kill each other.

I doubt we can, but maybe....

Just a few random thoughts.

Friday, November 05, 2010

It got below 60

At which point I tend to slow down mentally and physically. You should have seen how that came out of my fingers the first time. Cousin Aaron is heading to St. Jude's soon for his radiation treatment and is I think looking more forward to being done with it than going. I know I would be. I visited a bit this AM and he is looking fine (down girls) and ready to go. So all you prayer warriors out there get busy. It's a series of treatments and schooling is going to continue while there. So pray for endurance, no headaches, and especially for healing. Also keep Woody & Melissa (sorry if I spelled it wrong, but I am cold) in your prayers as well as having a child (even if he is more young man than child) who is ill is not an easy thing to bear. And don't forget Breck and Margie either.

Ya'll get ready, winter is here........

It got below 60

At which point I tend to slow down mentally and physically. You should have seen how that came out of my fingers the first time.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have made my backup. I have back upped my backup. I have backed up the backupped. Now I will venture an installation of the perfect 10 in the next few days and see how it affects (not effects) my antique dell.

Oh that ram wouldst expand at need, but alas, I have no more room.
according to dell, anyway. little do they know.......

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Bye Bye Love

Sometimes that is the way it feels when one we love passes on. Mrs. Billie Marie was a school teacher at heart and it was something I detected from the start. She wasn't tall or large. But she had that "Mother's presence" coupled with "teacher" that let you know without words that you had best behave. Even after retiring several times, you still felt the teacher in her and you paid attention when she talked. Her funeral was today and those who know me know I am not overly fond of pomp and circumstance, but in her case it fit. She always impressed me as someone with dignity and certainty of self that many people just don't have and don't get. I have over the years met many people of distinction including Navy Admirals on down, but few of them make as strong an impression as Mrs. Billie did. I have know heroes who have risked their lives to rescue those in danger, doctors who have used a knife to save lives, and dedicated people who have truly cared about those in need, but none of them exceed the teachers who really care about those who are under their care. No pilot, rescue swimmer, doctor, nurse, minister, or even teacher has ever reached the highest level of performance without first being taught "how to " by a teacher who cared. In the end, all we can really do is say a heart felt truly understanding and meaningful "Thank You" for being part of our lives. So from all of your students, colleagues, and friends I say Thank You for being there. You are truly loved and your memory and legacy lives on. (and to all you English teachers out there, I was a "C" student so don't be too critical of sentence structure and syntax. I'm not good at it now and never was overly efficient in word selection and usage.)

Ya'll have a nice day now, you hear!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Life in the fast lane means you have to duck the pigs in flight.

Large print for the vision impaired writer.

I just wonder how I ever survived being around me when I was "young". I remember 'Brut' and I remember how much I'd wear. To all of you who were around me, I apologized for the offense to your sinuses and allergies. A boy just walked by me at the mall and I thought the 7th fleet might be in. Eu de french whore. (at least, that is what we used to call it, no offense meant to the French whores who might be viewing). Maybe my sense of smell is getting more touchy as I get older. I can tell you this though; I'd rather smell your sweat.
C'est La Vie

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am often called to follow, less often to lead.

I'm cool with that. Leadership is something best given to those who do not seek to lead. When one seeks to lead they often have no real clue as to what is needed of the leader and operate from preconceived notions that are most often forced upon them by others. The greatest leaders have always seen a need and truly had the talent and tools to lead. They often have no idea of being the leader, just see the need, then are pushed into the position of leader by circumstances beyond their control. They find they are capable of bearing the load and can wear the mantle of leadership well. Look at our representation in Washington. They are the perfect example of people who do not have the talent and seek to lead. They are capable salespeople who could sell a Frigidaire to an Eskimo on an ice flow. And they never ask if they should. The math still gives the country till 2043, but I really wonder now. With our current leadership it seems to me I am in a basket heading south (way south, not to the pole, the other south) Figure it out if you can, if not, then enjoy the ride because you are right here with me.

Oh for leadership not lost ....

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Should I move to Funkytown??

Or should I stick to lyp synch.

I do sound better that way.

But that isn't the point of singing, is it? Singing is a release of the inner self. The expending of energy that is purposed for our own inner reasons. Do we sing to praise our selves or higher beings (or the highest of beings, Yaweh, God, The Almighty, I AM). Think carefully before you say. You never know who is listening.

So if you hear me singing, wonder.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Hot Out There

Mars is very bright tonight.

Did You know?

The war continues....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why talk so much

There are many days in which I have little to say.

Why can't politicians learn this?

Why talk so much

There are many days in which I have little to say.

Why can't politicians learn this

Saturday, July 17, 2010

And here we thought the world was going to end today

Actually, I didn't have any expectation either way, stay or go. This is one of my pics from last millennium. Y2k to be exact. And the days plug on and I get older. I noticed that I am not alone. Most of the obits I see these days are people within 10 years of me, plus and minus. This gives me to presume that my time may come soon. Of course I am still shooting for Bilbo's plus 1. Odds aren't that good, but who know what wonders God may work.

Some days I find that I miss people who are gone. Now and then Denny Webster crosses my mind. (Motorcycle wreck about 3 decades ago.) I still remember Ira Lee Comeaux. I see his sister now and then but I still remember his funeral. Mickey, Mike, Les, Aunt Jo, lots of people still cross my mind. I have a time awareness deficiency that causes me to merge the past into a single entity that is hard to separate into proper position and sequence. So be it.

Life appears to go on. Those of us who are still here need to keep those who are gone in our minds and pass them on to the next generation. How else will they understand Captain Kirk?

And here we thought the world was going to end today

Actually, I didn't have any expectation either way, stay or go.

Friday, July 09, 2010

The 4th on the 3rd....not 2008 but 2010

Yes, I know. I missed it. The header says 2008 but the pics are from 2010. No mouse over ids on the pics though. Some things take a lot of work and time, of which I seem to be running out of a lot lately. Cook book is still in the works also.

And who is Hydro?
Cool tunes but I don't recognize it. -

Red Cloud is another new to me group. I find the music interesting and the song construction fascinating at times. Lyrics occasionally leave me a bit cold at times but overall they are a cool group.

Seems there is nothing new under the sun but I've heard that before and it is still proving true.

el-Presidente is out stumping for Dumbos again and still blaming Bush even though he has had enough time to accumulate enough disasters of his own. It is not the republican's fault the economy is in the tank any more than it is the dumbocrats. No president is any worse or better than the other. The problem now is that the people of this country have gotten lazy, complacent and incompetent. We are afflicted with the same disease that caused judgment to fall on Israel so many times in the old testament books. If we keep politician in power that elevate themselves above God we are surely going to enter into judgment moste severe. Anarchy will rise and this nation will fall.

The math still is saying 2043, not 2012.

The Mayans just ran out of room on the calendar.

Peace, Love, and lollipops.

Not The Brain

The 4th on the 3rd....not 2008 but 2010

Yes, I know. I missed it. The header says 2008 but the pics are from 2010. No

Monday, July 05, 2010


Why? That's my question. RealJukebox 2 came out and it was fully functional and did everything I needed. So they "improved" it into RealPlayer 1 and I haven't used them since. Every time something is adequate to the task, some dummy feels the need to "improve" things.

Government is the same. Once it was set up right, now it is "improved". Soon we will be "improved" into governmental servitude. For those who cannot see, governmental slavery is still slavery. Slavery is dependence and what else can you call it when the government wants you to depend on them alone for all your needs. Some may call it social networking, socialism, National Socialist, doesn't really matter. Governmental control is the ultimate objective and it is the pathway to total devesation and destruction

The path to true enlightenment does not lie along a path of self determination as so many seem to think. Self determination still relies on personal perception, analysis, realization, choice and understanding. Unfortunately we are not capable of comprehending the true nature of the universe or even ourselves. Consequently our analysis is flawed, as is our perception and our reason. True enlightenment requires that we understand that we don't understand everything and we cannot perceive everything and that we are not the true creator of anything. Only the true Creator can. Follow Jesus truly.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The full moon is here!

Luna, Lunar, Luner, it's full tonight.....

Moonshine it does, clear and bright.

Revealing things to our sight.

Colours the same though dimmed a bit

Wonder if my pants will fit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everyone of intellegence knew. Everyone of greediness ignored.

No big shock. The oil disaster was just a matter of time and was obvious from the start. I am somewhat surprised that it took this long, but then, the greed of man often insures that things of apparent value will be trapped for the purposes of the greedy. That it is BP is no shock either, given the record. But it could have easily been Exxon or Shell. What is needed is either a no impact means of travel or more footwork. Politician with a view to the future would help also. And I don't mean next tuesday, but 5 or 10 generations down the line. The past century marked the beginning of the end for mankind. The destiny of the dinosaurs awaits us if the Lord doesn't come soon (which I believe He will) and there will only be a remnant of man left in 500 years, starting over at the bottom of the food chain.

Cry for the coast folks. A blade of black gold is about to pierce its heart.
Those who know, pray for the miracle.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Lucid Lynx

What a critter. Installation to a USB stick it something else, but it does work. At least it did for the previous version. now I try the new one and find the usual fat finger problems. How do you slim down your fingers?? I don't know.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bottom of the 18th and still kissin' ya sister

Not many ball games give you two ffor one but the Mets and Cards are doing it tonight.

Not what you expect from the major leagues.Made it to the 19th now. More to come.

And teh sun shines on and the weeds grow tall and the mower sits and waits.......

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon.......

Moody Blues I have. Monday blues I have. Royal blue with white rally stripes 68 Camaro I don't have. Go figure. I need to work on my priorities.

So do you Mr. Peresedente......

New Camaros, cool look, pitiful colour schemes. It's just sad.
So is congress: old look, pitiful colours, wasted votes for the country as a whole.

What I say? Hey!! Hey!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What do you mean, what do you say, who do you B

I B me. And no one else can be me because I am beyond unique. I exist because God said so. I have never been before and will never be repeated. My existence resonates throughout the cosmos and throughout eternity. I am alone and yet one with all, because my Creator knows me just as He knows you.

Get used to the idea dudes and dudettes.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bon Doggie don't wanna play right.

But what do you expect. She's a dog. Her favorite look is FEED ME. Her second favorite is I GOTTA PEE N!O!W!!!!!

Sounds like a kid, I know. Except she does listen on occasion. Rare occasion.

Sounds more like a teenager really.
Too bad I can't find her a job.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

All things new and used

It's been a few weeks and much has happened. Mostly cold stuff. Temps below 60 for days on end, earthquakes and all kinds of fun stuff. Keep the folks in Haiti in your prayers and thoughts. I have some friends there and so far things are ok on their end. But for many there is death and disaster. There are many areas that you can help in, including donations through the Red Cross and many church organizations. I don't expect much in the way of aid from their neighbors and we need to help while we can. This country is headed for hard times and we need to be ready for whatever comes our way. Keep in mind that San Andreas isn't the only fault line in the country.