Tuesday, December 04, 2018

The Season of Greed

I know, it is unusual for this type of take on Christmas.
 But I have to acknowledge that mankind has failed once again to realize it's full potential and failed to recognize the Creator's handiwork. A way to be reconciled to said Creator has been provided and that is the true message of Christmas. It isn't about presents and Santa Clause and forgiving one another. It IS about being forgiven, not by the birth of the Savior but by His death, burial and resurrection. The planning for this event began before time was created and this plan will continue till the Creator ends time. For you non-believers and followers of false prophets this is certain knowledge of unseen things for me. I am stating my opinion and I am entitled to it according to the laws of the land as well as the unalienable laws of existence.

Nowadays, Christmas shopping seems to be a new god. Black Friday starts on Thursday evening or in some cases the week before Thanksgiving. People go to extremes to get a certain item that is "special" and usually unneeded at an alleged "reduced " price. On rare occasion some of the items might actually be a needed thing and a reduced price, but that would be the exception not the rule. Regardless, the intent and purpose is to get you in the box and relieve you the stress of carrying money around and to help you explore the limits of your credit rating. Anything that will get you to part with real or imagined wealth. So few of the big box stores care anymore about the customer so I recommend you expect bad service from cold uncaring people and should someone actually give you good service, you should reward them with a smile and a "thank you, and to you as well". Realize that the person you deal with at the register is usually a minimum wage temporary employee who is put in a position of having to deal with over-tired and over wrought shoppers who are irritated by the whole shopping venture. They are given the barest minimum training of how to operate a register and generally no training on how to deal with customers except the eternal "smile and wave, boys" philosophy and nowhere near enough "supervisors" around to give on the spot advice and showing instead of telling when an error occurs. This is probably why I never ventured into the retail business for a job. I have little patience for machines that fail to perform as designed and even less tolerance for the rude, crude and should be socially unacceptable behavior of many of my fellow customers.

So when you are out shopping for presents be sure to make allowances for the occasional (read as often) bad tempered shopper or the overworked register operator who has been on their feet for 6 hours. I mean really, does being an ogre gain you anything? All you do when you behave like that is to reveal your bullying nature and bring everyone else down. And if you should believe in Christ, your example on such occasion reveals your lack of understanding and certainly does not reveal an understanding of the Love of God that we should all be reflecting.   Rather, follow the "high road" of benevolent attitude and give from the heart, not the wallet. A card of tacks worked for me when I was young and something handmade or assembled by you would probably be more appreciated by true Christians.

Love rulz dudes and dudettes. Simply put because God is Love.                                   Cosmic Charley