Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dead man walkin' . I know what it looks like now. I saw myself in a mirror the other day when my blood sugar was over 1,100. Now it is staying between 90 - 130 most of the time. Talk about a change in life. Now I have to think about everything I eat and that can cover a lot of territory. I am fortunate in that carrots are a favourite of mine along with most other vegetables and no one will ever confuse me with a vegetarian because I eat cow, fish, pig and most other critters if prepared right. Fish or fowl is fine with me but I am moving more towards grilled than fried. Still trying to figure out how to grill an egg though. Keeps falling through the cracks and on the fire. Guess they will still be in the pan. No tellin' what will be next so keep your health in a good state folks, 'cause the alternative can be painful.