Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sittin' wishin' watchin' for the moment not something else

I hate catching bugs. Not the 6 or 8 legged (or even the 100 legged) kind. The other kind. Like I can't trust myself to drive due to the urgent need to visit the lou. These things happen. There is no good time for it. I find it depressing, but such is life. At least it is getting past every half hour now. I hope.

I wonder if this is because of the upcoming election. Might just my opinion of the options coming out.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things happen and I don't understand.

          I often see things and I don't understand. The how is usually easy, as I am a fan of physics. But the why of things escapes me faster than greased lighting. Coming back from Houston we cut through Deweyville,Tx and DeQuincy, La and this time we were delayed because a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and I am presuming killed. The ambulance had the body placed in it and didn't immediately leave which leads me to believe the impact was fatal. Not something you want to run into while you have a pair of sick grandkids in the car.

          I am not one who is mesmerized by fatal incidents like this, but I do not display what I feel all the time. I have fallen while crossing a street and felt like my legs and arms had turned to lead when I tried to get up. A feeling of impending doom perhaps describes it. I have seen a helicopter crash on takeoff with no injuries to the crew but a "Yellow Shirt" died and an ASW jet land in the barricade of an aircraft carrier. (No mean feat if you know about that particular aircraft.) But in my life to date I have had no encounters with sudden death caused by uncontrollable factors. Every encounter with the "Grim Reaper" that I have a direct connection to (with the exception of age / physical condition, including "birth defects") have been preventable with certain precautions. Most of these occasions were created by man or were by mankind trying to defy set physical laws.

NCIS has given us  "Gibb's Rules" so I figured to list a few of my own:

1. God is right.
2. Grandpa is probably right.
3. Gravity will always win. The best you can do is minimize the damage.
4. If someone say "Hey, watch this!" get out the 1st aid kit or your phone and start dialing "911".
5. Arguing with someone is a waste of time. You cannot unset concrete without completely disassembling it.
 6. In regards to number 4; if you have time. get your video recorder going. America's Funniest is always needing new repeats of the same old mistakes.
7. Why the chicken crossed the road is unimportant. What is important is "spicy or mild".
8. Why am I here? is unimportant when compared to What am I doing while I am here?
9. What are you doing here??

        A guy in Jacksonville Fl once made a tape "Dancing Across War-torn Europe" (I think) and in it he had a song about a list of things you should not  ( my emphasis ) do including "never suck tobasco sauce into you lungs" and "never stick a knitting needle in your eye" and one of my personal favorites "Don't share your toothbrush with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir."  Bye the way, the song was also on the "Theo" tape

Not being a "list" person by nature or nurture my skill level with them is sub-par (inversely proportional I suppose. Isn't sub-par the objective of golf??). So take my advice here with a grain of salt, (sea salt, but limit your intake to the DRD) and work on a list of your own.
The sky is smiling.