Sunday, December 31, 2006

Where has all the energy gone.

Not that many years ago, I had energy in abundance. Now it seems I can tell that my energy stores are depleting. I watched Kareaux romping at the beach chasing the birds and I can remember that energy. Takes me back to the days of somersaults in the spring across the grassy yard (before I was allowed to operate the mower.) I can remember playing basketball (until people forgot it was, after all, a game) running where I wanted to go, biking here and there. Good thing my memory works, cause the batteries are suffering. Not being a winter person I have difficulties when the weather turns cold. It doesn't stop me, but it will slow me down.

Watch your children play. Play while you can. Producing joy in your life and the life of the child is a reflection of the joy you get from God. Always treat it as the special gift it is.

Another Saturday Night

and working again

Oh well, pays the bills.

Except the "Non" taxes that the utility companies call by other names. Still, as Billy said, a rose is a rose is a rose no matter what you call it. The thorns are going to get you. Count on it and keep the antibiotic handy. An "adjustment" is not an adjustment when the price of usage is 50 bucks and it gets adjusted by 200. That child is a hidden theft/tax. And they get away with it due to the lawyers. I think we should prohibit lawyers from entering any government office. Make English teachers write the laws. At least then we could check to see if they spelled it correctly and they aren't likely to be confused by participles, dangling or not. I think I like the flat limited tax idea too. everything in the country that you buy taxed at 5%. (ONLY) no increases. Then everyone would have to pay. As the rich buy more expensive stuff, they will pay more. The poor on the other hand can't afford much so they will buy less and pay less in taxes. Should make everyone happy, no? (Except for the freeloaders who need to study the Jamestown thing. Would still work you know.)

Anarchy is coming.
Be prepared.......

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Turn Left at Alberquerque

So I can't spell. Big deal. I'm not the VP. Potatoe is also correct though. Did you know?

Talk about needing a life........

Vote for common sense. Not much out there, but we need all we can find.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Reality isn't what you think it is, but what is it?

Do you watch "reality" TV? Any true scientist could tell you that what you see isn't the reality it is portrayed to be. Studying a subject induces change upon the subject. If you want to see what happens when something affects your subject, you must inject that stimulus. In doing that your subject is no longer spontaneous but reactive.

Reality simply is. It isn't a show.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's a cold world out there

It amazes me how people think they can see when in truth they are blind. I used to have to deal with people like that when I carried mail. Many people would tell me that the dog wouldn't hurt a fly or he doesn't bite. Guess what, I'm the mailman, in uniform, and the dog doesn't always pay attention to the chatter around them. I invade his space, he bites. I learned to read the dog and not the owner. And if your dog looked at me cross-eyed, you didn't get your mail. Take it up with the supervisor. Other people have since told me the same thing, but I know better. If I see a dog and it's behavior carries the flags I've learned, I am probably correct in my assessment of the danger in the situation.

Don't tell me the dog doesn't bite. Tell me it's name.

Peace ya'll

(If you haven't listened to it lately, get the Iron Butterfly album Ina Gadda Da Vida)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

Working in the quilt house. no quilts in sight. Remember the olde 486's and 386's (before DX came out)?? You had to add a math co-processor to handle the harder math stuff. Floating point decimals, etc. When I say "the math sez" that is what I refer to. Mathmatics done in the sub-conscience, which is capable of trillions of instantanious calculations and compilations of data of intricacies the conscient mind can barely comprehend. 2043 = start of anarchy. The date is not fixed in stone as the mathmatics can be fluid and if the country's dynamics change, the math will change also. In the past 2 decades there have been at least three major date shifts with variences as early as 2025 and as late as 2063. The formula is really simple from a historical point of view. Forget God = disaster. (See history of Israel.)

What it boils down to is how fast will America forget it's founding father's guidelines for the new country? Add 8 to 10 years (depending on drug use escalation and hedonistic behaviors) and your recepie for destruction is set.

Like the politicians say: Trust me>

yeah, like I'll ever trust people like Billy Bob.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

beta blogging

What next

Why can't companies invent something that doesn't need to change and why change things that work just fine?

gotta wonder

beta blogging

What next

Why can't companies invent something that doesn't need to change and why change things that work just fine?

gotta wonder

Monday, November 06, 2006

Think God

An interesting thought from an ancient (almost) movie. But a valid thought for sure. Too often we ignore the obvious methods that God uses to comunicate with us. Whether it be from His word, His messengers, or the whirlwind, or even after a still small voice, His words need to be heeded. Give it a listen and know, God is not a democrat or a republican. He is THE ultimate ruler. not president, not even the title of king is worthy of Him. And He doesn't vote along party lines. He rules in truth and in truth alone is our best interest served. Get out and vote and vote the way God speaks to you (which means you should ask Him first) and give no consideration to what party affiliation a person has. Give consideration to how well that person will comply with God's will for the nation.

The math says 2043........................
Will anarchy come?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sunny and Mild

It's the weather forcast. It's the best attitude to have in your life. It's the way to go and the way to serve. Extreme is for the moment but only in the short term and unfortunately necessary at times, but not a recommended way to travel the paths of life. Too much wear and tear on the limbs. Life is good, life with Jesus is better.

Ya'll have a fun day now, you hear??

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Neat trips don't have to be expensive, (but it helps to have cash)

We just did a little trip to Daytona Beach to R & R and visit with the kids, etc. 800+ miles each way. I recommend it and I don't recommend it (sounds democratic doesn't it? or maybe republicratic) because that is a long way and gas isn't free. Biketoberfest 2k6 was cranking up and there were plenty of hogs to see (and a few rice burners as well) but the real fun for me was the dance after getting back. (Just us 2 on the living room floor) Of course, LA turned soggy and we came back in the middle of the rain. At least 5.5 inches (all the rain gage holds) plus another 1/2 last night. But all is well with my world except my health (I hate summer colds in the winter) and the lack of people to do the work at work. Another saturday night I could have spent sleeping but am forced by circumstances to work (for time and a half of course). Life always goes on though and we do what we can when we can get to it. I hope your day goes well and God's hand is made evident for you. He has revealed many things to me over the years and sometimes I was paying attention. (a necessary thing to see His wonders and realize that is what you are looking at!)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Portability, not potability

I like portable. Portable boats, portable applications, portable operating systems, all of them. John (or jon, if you prefer) boats. (No motors or just electric ones) You can go places bassmaster style boat will not be able to see . e-Sword is an awesome portable bible if you can keep a charge on you laptop/pda. ( I believe) When you get down to it, only what you carry in your heart and your head are the best and truly portable things. Clothes wear out, batteries die, even polarcraft aluminum boats will eventually wear out (my take a century or two, but eventually) Make it a point to carry around the "heart of the matter" and carry in your heart what matters most, Jesus (the Christ.) Light load, lots of power, no batteries needed.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Holey Walk

Have you ever stepped in a hidden hole in the yard? I did in Mama's yard the other day. Life's lessons continue. I did have the presence of mind to go with the force of gravity and not try to fight it. Only a mild stressing of the ankle. Yet how like the pitfalls satan throws into our paths each day. Hidden hole to trip us up if we try to walk a holy walk. Forget "talk the talk" stuff. Too many people talk but you can't find the walk no matter how hard you look. Or the walk bears little resemblance to the talk. (take note islam)

Words of wisdom from someone who knew:

Wars will continue. (Learn the lesson of England before Churchill)
The poor will always be here. (Till the final day.)

You can't win if you don't know the game (and if you know the game, play by the rules.)

Friday, September 29, 2006

It got cold

Freezing, as far as I am concerned. (Below 60) At least it gets up into the 70's and 80's still. What to say what to say what to say......

Oh well. The whole secret to world peace. There are only two ways for the world to know peace. One is to listen to the Creator. Do it His way. The other is to remove all forms of life (especially humanoid and alien) from the planet. First option is the best. No allah, no bhuda, no jones, none of the pretenders (not the group from the 50's but those who claim greatness without justification). Whether you speak of Mo (or Larry or Curley, or Shep) or any other pretender to the throne, Jesus still sits on it and always will. Remeber that. You can't force any religeon on anyone, not Christianity, islam, ishtar, molech or any type of religeon and have it last. The Creator
gave us freedom to choose to do things the right way or the wrong way. Humanity as a whole consitantly chooses incorrectly with only a remnant paying attention to the Creator's will. Not perfectly, mind you, but with obedience and desire to find the correct path to heaven.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another saturday night

Another saturday night and i am stuck at work. At least the pay is ok and I get an occasional break from waiting. Hopefully I will remain copletely bored. If I am bored, that means no one has broken anything. Like the song says "That's the way Uhuh Uhuh I like It. Uhuh Uhuh" (or something like that.

Did you know that the lead guitarist for Iron Butterfly died the same year as June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash? Amazing details of life. It was an exceptionally hard year on entertainment.

Do these names ring any bells for those out there who are really "out there"??

Vince Martell
Tim Bogart
Carmine Appice
Mark Stein

Answer: The Pigeons

(also known as Vanilla Fudge)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Oh Very Well. (To quote Senior Chief Hubble) Louisiana in the hot sunshine is the place to be when you want to sweat. One of the worlds largest saunas in case you weren't aware.

The rains come and go, mostly go this time of year. When they come, it gets nasty. Yesterday we got everything picked up, today there is another big limb down (without a storm.) Is my patience being tried by higher authority or is it simply the nature of pecan trees to be agrivating? Maybe it's both. Reguardless, I have no plans to cut up a limb when it is 95.2 outside.

Last time I tried to blog this thing, it sat in a loop for 15 minutes. I wonder if this time will be better??

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

It's only 94.5 in the shade. The grass is cut, the mower is dead, and I stink. Oh well, life is fun as well as funny. I guess I could take a shower or I could go work on the mower some more. Or I could push the little mower to touch up. The problems I have! I could concern myself with the things of the world I have no control over or I could work on the things I can. I guess I'll dissasemble the generator and replace the bearing.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Which way is the wind blowing???

Mostly from the south with tons of moisture to add to the 90+ temps.....

Oh well, La in the summer.

Water should always be taken with other nutients, like dinner and supper.

Things melt in the heat. Health, Ice Cream, plastics, plastique??

It's amazing that people so soon forget the basics of life. The human body, while capable of surviving extensive changes in temperature and humidity, it is not meant to be exposed to those changes every day. And believe me, the older you get, the more you feel it.

You can beat the heat that is now, but will you beat the heat that is to come??

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

No, I don't mean disco (nor would I ever mean disco a' la 70's)

Heat indicies are a fallacy much the dame as chill factor. there is only one dividing line. 60 degrees. below that it goes from cool to cold to ouch above it goes from ok to warm to hot to ouch also. If you get confused with it, stick your hand outside and feel the air. (If it comes back in wet that means it is raining, or as often happend here and in FLA a cloud has crash landed)

This kind of weather is the kind that makes people repeat themselves a lot also. So take care if you needs go to the outdoors. Drink plenty of fluids. (not beer or whiskey or anything else with alcohol as a major ingredient) Most carbonated drinks should be limited as well as who needs any extra gas. I think most nutritionist (not on UF's Payrole) would agree that plain old H2O is the best (though I can't really recommend the water from most city systems that have been "made safe to drink" with the addition of clorine")

In La. today it is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday, whats a friday

Here we go again. I have to work Sat nite/Sun am and next weekend I may be looking at the same. Good thing I get the OT for it. Anywho we had a couple of deaths in the house yesterday. A pleco suicided and Pancho simply expired. Green snakes are hard to feed. Fed both to the cats. Life goes on.

More to come.....................................

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Can't Touch That

At least that is what I've been told. I thought summer was full time below Orlando. With an occasional freeze (temp actually dips below 60)....

In La. on the 4th of July the temp this afternoon varied from 70ish to sauna in about 30 minutes. Not a good hair day for sure, but who really cares. We had about 90 people over for lunch and there weren't many leftovers.. Sorry e' touffee' couldn't even lick the pot.. Nothing left in the way of potato salad or bannana pudding. Accourding to Courtney (she's new to this game anyway) you have to load up first time through the line because seconds can get scarce quick.. And you exit the building via the dessert table. {I thought every one knew that??}

Sounds like the fireworks are done and the bugs are splatting againt the window so ya'll have a happy 5th tomorrow and don't forget to check under the bed.

No telling what you'll find there.....................

Thursday, June 22, 2006

In The Summertime

I remember running around barefoot during the summer (and winter too) way back in the stone age (60's) . I remember standing there watching eggs cook on the sidewalk while I was standing on a tar road (partially melted). Remember, I was young (and sometimes kind of stupid) Either old age or global warming has made things even hotter now. But it surely got hot outside today..

and that is in the swamps

poor people in the city with all that concrete around them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

and round and round....

Hurricane season and here we go again. First storm attacks FLA and hit one of the better birding places in the country, Cedar Key. Go see it if you can (after teh water recedes) and take the boat ride. Cool trip. Now the ACE have admitted that there is no way N.O. is ready for another major storm (never really has been and I doubt ever will be) and their "canal" and other "improvements" on nature have set the city up for the great fall, we wait to see what storm will track up hurricane alley. Will it be a gulf storm or one from the carib.... It doesn't really matter. When the storm comes, just run. You are in a bowl of mankinds making, not a natural one. The best bet for the state to stop the coastal erosion and begin rebuilding our battered coast is to tear all the levies out from the mouth of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers up to Minnesota and let nature get back to its own course. No money in it so I don't think it will happen in my lifetime, but the river will move eventually, regardless of man's interference and when it does, just like with the hurricanes, you's better run if you are in the way.

A rmy C orp(se) of E ngineers (in case you were wondering)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Round and Round

I watched a film yesterday about creationism vs evolution yesterday and one thing popped into my head. That is numbers aren't real, just a quantification of an observation. Math doesn't work as a reality, only as a concept. Space and time appear to have no limit (therefor infinite) and neither does mass (therefore infinite also). As any amount of matter or space (distance) or time can be infinitely divided or added to there is no possibility of real ends or beginnings to what is there, just awareness of the present. If we are aware of the present, then why do we worry about things past or future? The human experience is limited to the here and now, with a promise of future experience from the only one who can understand true existence, the Creator.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More and More the amazment goes on.........

Well, who'd a thunk it? The ACE admitted their error. Even though they admitted to the wrong mistake, at least they admitted to one. The levee system is inadequate to the task. DUH!! This may be news to them, but every boy that grew up near the swamps (and most of the girls too) could have told them that.That wasn't the real mistake anyway. The real mistake is the levee existing. It shouldn't be there to begin with. How do you think New Orleans had any land to build houses on??? Wonder why the shoreline keeps receding? It was build by annual floods from the Mississippi river flood plains. If the continued channelling of the river doesn't stop, the river will change course in a catastrophic manner. Remember in the 1970's? The river almost chased down the Atchafalia flood basin. That will be the next path and the resultant flood will bring death and destruction to impertianat man while the swampland will receive renewal. Ask anyone who grew up near the river and the swamp.

Ya'll get your boat ready now, you hear!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kan U Buleeve it

Well, New Orleans did it. They reelected a guy whose only talent aside from foot chewing is apparently fingerpointing. I have to wonder about the constitutionality of the election because there was no common sense applied. I wonder if he will let white chocolate in the city, or will it be hershey's dark chocolate only? People around here can only shake their heads. Of course, my home town is the only one in the state that recalled a mayor. (Shouldn't have been elected to start with, but choices were even more limited than N.O.'s.)Maybe next time around Fast Eddie and the former nazi will run. That would surely amuse me at least.

Hurricane season is near. Did you pack you emergency kit yet??????

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Morning

Whoudahathot- swamp talk for "what?"

The problem is we don't often think enough before we put the mouth in gear. Not much we can do about it, or is there???

Can you name the tune in which the Grateful Dead state that Jesus loves you the best?

Do you remember who was known as "Wool Hat"?? Clue, think liquid paper......

Have you heard?

Do you live a life full of questions?

Are you another year older?? (linear or quantative???)

If you look for Satan in the music, the odds are you'll find him.

If you look for God, you may find Him also.

If you look for meaning in life in the music, you are looking in the wrong place, try again............

No if without a then
No life with a zen
If you live with the pigs
Then you are in the pen.

Take a bath, please............................

Random works best when left alone.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thunder rumbles and Star Trek pixilates

Sometimes I wonder why, but mostly not. Or to quote the captain "War is a very messy business." It doesn't matter what kind of war you fight, with the powers of darkness or with each other, I guarantee it will be messy. That is what I like about music. It is one war I can turn off when it gets messy.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

What's on your i-Pod?

I was listening to Alice the other night and he was talking about what was on the president's i-Pod. It made me think, what would I have on my i-pod (if I had one.) I guess it would be similar to what is on my Axim and mp3 player. A little Audio Adrenaline with some serious Grateful Dead. High flying Jefferson Airplane with Code of Ethics and Bach and a touch of Beethoven balanced with some George Strait. Vince Gill with Hoi Polloi. All the Blonde Vinyl I can find. Larry Norman, Steve Taylor but not much in the way of James Taylor. Valeri Harper and John Fred and His Playboy Band. Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly and no telling what in the way of swamp pop, zydeco, and authentic cajun (not the actual word that came to mind, but more accetable, I'm sure). The closest to rap would be ETW and I really liked the rythems of Christafari and the Goatee groups.



Just me.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Good Grief (aka Rats!)

Look around, rats are everywhere..

Rafter rat (and Rafter Boy)
Swamp Rats (of LA, Fla, Ga etc.)
Rat Washington (from my navy days)
Gutter Rat (from the world of BLOG)

So many rats running loose, as they should be. Rats wern't responsible for the plauge you know. It was the bugs. They are the ones who spread it around with their bites that irritate. Rats give the best warning if the ship is going to sink. That is why they run. But best of all, rats will remain low profiled if given the chance. We work better under the radar.

Look around, rats are everywhere......

The Louisiana Bayou Rat

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The sun is shining and the rain is falling.

Sometimes I wonder about what people are thinking. Or even how they are thinking. Sometimes even why they would bother thinking. Then I realize that I am looking at a mirror. I think we all need to look in the mirror sometimes. It might be disconcerting to do that, but if you learn to be honest with yourself, life becomes easier to deal with. May not be any easier, but it is easier to deal with. What you put in your heart will come out through your deeds and what you say. Be aware of what goes in and think before you act. Good advice from a guy older than me.....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

East Hoboken

Not New Jersey Though

It is April 1st (All Fools Day) which means once again I must say Hi to all.

That's it.

Bye Now

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesdays are fun

Wednesdays are fun

I picked my car up yesterday. It has been in the shop since the 1st of December while AIG (insurance company of the guy who caused the wreck) tried to make a decision. Wound up costing them over 11k on a car worth 12k. Makes no sense to me, but that's not unusual.....

Runs fine by the way..

almost 4 months - ridukkulus

inside joke there

Here it is, Wednesday, (the day, not the person) and I wonder what will happen next. The funerals are past and hopefully we'll have a couple of months before the next one. You get tired of them after a while, but we all will pass on eventually (unless of course the unmentionable One returns before then.) Many people are so clueless about what each day can mean, sometimes me included. We can stay in bed and do next to nothing (harming no one but ourselves) or we can get up and putter around the yard or sit at a table and drink coffee or perhaps write the great american novel or give a bottle of water to someone who needs one. Our options are as endless as our opportunities. We simply have to look for them.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

What a Weekend

Three funerals in one day and two of them at the same time. I know my kids sometimes thing I can manage such a feat, but I no longer have the feet to do it with. Did you ever wonder why we develope such expectations? I don't even particularly like funerals, especially when they are the very formalized and formulic types. I know that brings comfort to some though, so I put my tiredness aside and plough on. I prefer an honest and hopefully joyful ceremony. Open hearted comments and dialog are the best comforts for me. Who here on earth can say with certainty who gets into heaven? I thought that job belonged to Jesus and God. There are many I believe will be in heaven, but last time I checked it wasn't up to me. I can't say what anyones relationship to the Creator is. So I'll just try to live His Word and trust what He tells us there. Do your own thinking.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

World View

My world view is somewhat limited. I say that because what the world wants and what I want are things that can never really come together. From what I have seen in life, the only way for there to be world peace is for humans to abandon the planet. Let nature rule and the world will eventually return to the natural destruction/conquest/decomposition cycle. Mankind simply accelerated that cycle with selfish view of dominence. Until mankind can control himself (or herself) and put the needs of the many first, we can never direct the future in a positive manner. Can we know peace, even when it comes? Only a gifted few (relatively speaking) understand the truest nature of the universe, and then only because they are willing to acknowledge their inability to truely understand it fully. True scientist are few. There are those who are investigators that pursue scientific knowledge, but work from a pre-existant plan or presumption and there are those few who look at things in wonder and seek knowledge of how it is done regardless of preconcieved notions or propositions. A true scientist will not reject the notion of "intelligent design" (politically correct, almost, of saying Jehovah / God / Almighty) nor do they blindly accept "intellegent design" without looking into it. Many scientist are left with the conclusion that they just don't know and don't understand, and are unwilling to leave it at that, so they create possiblity scenarios which require blind acceptance (scientific faith??) of some postulation.

Being a simple minded (as supposed by the "learned") and from the swamps where life may abound, but didn't start, many will disregard my opinion. So be it. They have the right. But as I have seen a bit of the world and been to places of power (natural and man-made) I have been left with the conclusion that this world is not an accident of nature but a creation of God. Did it take a week (well, six days?) I wasn't there to mark the calendar. Does it matter to me? No, I'll probably live out my 89 years without knowing for sure. I still won't be concered with how long it took to build. God did it and time is His servant, not He the slave of time. I am stuck here in linear time with few options about it, but I have no concern (even though my personal intent is to beat Bilbo's 134 years.) Ya'll have fun and come visit the swamps soon.... (hurricane season starts soon and I would recommend seeing the swamps before the next landfall in south central Louisiana)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Last of the Greatest Generation (Daddy's Side)

The last living child of Sam & Katie Hoyt is in dire straits now as Aunt Leona has had a stroke. She is the last of Daddy's brothers and sisters still living but the stroke has done serious damage. I don't know how much longer she will last, but before she goes I just wanted to say thanks to her and her brothers and sisters. During the war five brothers and one sister were in the services while one sister was working as a nurse and Aunt Leona worked for the Red Cross. It left one brother on the farm with Grandpa and Grandma and one sister still in school. Even after the war, the family remained and remains to this day closer than most, especially in spirit. The miles seperate us from New Hampshire and Mass to Washington (state), Arizona and Florida. But we all feel the pull of the swamps (aka Louisiana) and some of us still live here on the farm. Life comes and life goes, it will until the Lord returns. We need to experience it though not only our own eyes, but the eyes (and lives) of others. My advice from the swamps remains the same. Find someone from the elder generations and visit, talk, and experience their lives as you live your own. We of the baby boomers are the next old folks and we are already there people. Deal with it or suffer needles consequences.

Peace, Long Life, and Prosperity

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Life Cyle in the Swamp

Tings in the swamp have a natural up and down rhythm People come people go whether by moving or moving on as some say. Today is Jimmy's funeral, tomorrow is Rick's, Mrs Lucille isn't far from saying goodbye nor is Aunt Leona. But continuation is the key to nature. I believe in God and Jesus is His Son. I see His hand in the world and I see the freedom He gave us. Unfortunately Many take that freedom as license and fail to grasp that being free of God means being totally alone. God gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want, help a little old lady across the street, or murder 35 orphans in their sleep. You have that opportunity, but it is based in choice. Nothing we do is done without our choice, whether consciously or subconsciously. Every thing we do that is right as well as everything we do that is wrong. And every choice we make, good or evil, with forethought or without always, always has consequences. If you chose to kill, you face the consequence (now and/or later) If you choose to help the widows and orphans, again the consequences are now and/or later).

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Orleans

Look at it this way folks. New Orleans was waxed by the storm. It cost money to rebuild. Only the lazy and inept rely on governments for money (unless of course you are in a socialist or communist enviroment) . Of all creatures who walk the earth, who parts with money faster than tourist?? If New Orleans wants to rebuild, part the tourist and his money. My overall advise, keep the government out of it. Do it yourself (yes, I know it means you have to work and work harder than before.) Rebuild New Orleans with common sense and sweat and you will have something worthwhile, rebuild it with government interferance and assistance, you will have the same old thing you had before and the next hurricane will kill more.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Start of Things......

This is a new adventure for an old guy. I haven't maintained anything like this before, so forgive the presumptions of intellegence and other common errors found in many baby boomers.