Thursday, June 22, 2006

In The Summertime

I remember running around barefoot during the summer (and winter too) way back in the stone age (60's) . I remember standing there watching eggs cook on the sidewalk while I was standing on a tar road (partially melted). Remember, I was young (and sometimes kind of stupid) Either old age or global warming has made things even hotter now. But it surely got hot outside today..

and that is in the swamps

poor people in the city with all that concrete around them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

and round and round....

Hurricane season and here we go again. First storm attacks FLA and hit one of the better birding places in the country, Cedar Key. Go see it if you can (after teh water recedes) and take the boat ride. Cool trip. Now the ACE have admitted that there is no way N.O. is ready for another major storm (never really has been and I doubt ever will be) and their "canal" and other "improvements" on nature have set the city up for the great fall, we wait to see what storm will track up hurricane alley. Will it be a gulf storm or one from the carib.... It doesn't really matter. When the storm comes, just run. You are in a bowl of mankinds making, not a natural one. The best bet for the state to stop the coastal erosion and begin rebuilding our battered coast is to tear all the levies out from the mouth of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers up to Minnesota and let nature get back to its own course. No money in it so I don't think it will happen in my lifetime, but the river will move eventually, regardless of man's interference and when it does, just like with the hurricanes, you's better run if you are in the way.

A rmy C orp(se) of E ngineers (in case you were wondering)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Round and Round

I watched a film yesterday about creationism vs evolution yesterday and one thing popped into my head. That is numbers aren't real, just a quantification of an observation. Math doesn't work as a reality, only as a concept. Space and time appear to have no limit (therefor infinite) and neither does mass (therefore infinite also). As any amount of matter or space (distance) or time can be infinitely divided or added to there is no possibility of real ends or beginnings to what is there, just awareness of the present. If we are aware of the present, then why do we worry about things past or future? The human experience is limited to the here and now, with a promise of future experience from the only one who can understand true existence, the Creator.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More and More the amazment goes on.........

Well, who'd a thunk it? The ACE admitted their error. Even though they admitted to the wrong mistake, at least they admitted to one. The levee system is inadequate to the task. DUH!! This may be news to them, but every boy that grew up near the swamps (and most of the girls too) could have told them that.That wasn't the real mistake anyway. The real mistake is the levee existing. It shouldn't be there to begin with. How do you think New Orleans had any land to build houses on??? Wonder why the shoreline keeps receding? It was build by annual floods from the Mississippi river flood plains. If the continued channelling of the river doesn't stop, the river will change course in a catastrophic manner. Remember in the 1970's? The river almost chased down the Atchafalia flood basin. That will be the next path and the resultant flood will bring death and destruction to impertianat man while the swampland will receive renewal. Ask anyone who grew up near the river and the swamp.

Ya'll get your boat ready now, you hear!