Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What the divvil

So many things continue to change, yet mankind doesn't. I don't think of myself as a racist because I reject the term as a classification. It is the most inflammatory label one can assign, and being what the world calls a white boy, most of the world would slap that label on me faster than a stamp on a "guaranteed prize winning" envelope. Do I believe people of color are inherently below, above, or even with me? I don't believe people of color exist. I leave it at just people. I value or disregard people by how the act and what they do. If you don't want to be "judged" by me, then stay away from me completely. I assess threat, benefit, commonality and a myriad of  other quantification factors. I know people of similar ancestral background that I have confidence, trust and generally likeable. I know others of that same grouping of people that I wish to have absolutely no contact with them at all. I find the same thing true of various groups of people. I know of kinfolk that fall into all major groupings and many of the sub-groupings. Yes, I have kinfolk that are black, white, red, yellow and mixtures of all of the above. A person's value is determined by what they say and especially what they do, how they treat others. There is no place on this earth where it is ok to mistreat women, children, or men, religiously or politically. No group of laws that has ever been assembled have been better for mankind than those ten Moses (Musa, and many other ways of putting his name) brought down written in stone. We cannot improve on them, only dilute them to our detriment.

What does love mean? Learn from the best. Learn how to love truly. The truest and greatest love is the Love that desires that which is best for the loved one. Not the blindly give what they ask for, but give what is truly needed for true happiness. That simple and that complicated. Read the instruction book. It tells you the truth.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Well now. 18%, or was it 13%? Way to go people. This is why this country is dead and doesn't know it. Less than 20% of the people making the decision for everyone. You vote (maybe) when it is something blasted by the media but when it is more important you stay home. Well, now you gonna die, figuratively I hope. Your wallet is destined to suffer the slings and arrows of a government that thinks most highly of itself, demanding more (10.5%) than many say the Creator calls us to give. Those pushing to liberalize this government are trying to model us after the socialism of Europe. Now why, then, are the only ones who migrate to there are the radical pigs of the false prophet who seek world domination. And those who feel the pressure are STILL seeking the "American" dream of freedom, that will no longer be here.

I don't feel or think or really even wish that this is the "perfect" country. Nor do I believe that this country can be truly great again. Sin is too prevalent and the laws of motion are still not revoked by the Creator, so even social momentum is a real thing and that momentum is bent on going until it reaches the Immovable Object. Of course it will fail then and rebound. I fear it will be too late. Life will go on, I have no doubt. There will be those astounded that they can truly live and others that will continue to exist, but not the way they would desire.

But for the time being, we are faced with a choice in presidential wannabees of which NONE get an "adequate" rating from Possum Hollow, only a couple get a "tolerable if there is nothing else to vote for and Mickey won't run" category, and several in the "we are doomed" column. We should also title the ballots. My suggestion would be, and I quote: "You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me". I am not sure if we can even find a descent, really honest person who would be willing to endure the torture that media would inflict. I don't think I would want to put anyone in that position. Even an enemy.