Monday, October 16, 2023

Eye Was Rideing down the road

 Listening to some tunes on my phone (through the car/truck stererereereo, natch) and I still find myself amazed at the heavyness of the music done by Starflyer59. The singing is often subdued but the music is like a sonic flood that pushes you along. If you'd like a guide, look to Spotify or Amazon Music or Apple Music (maybe, I don't know). Select the albums "Gold" and "Silver".  Then buckle up because you need to hold on. I would say turn it up, but that isn't necessary, the sound will move you at low to medium volumes.

Blue Collar Love (remix) is also available on the Blonde Vinyl sample.

Tune in.

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GB Hoyt said...

James and I were talking about this the other day. they just hit an odd groove in my brain at the right time.
Emma likes them too. She's the Queen is my earworm.